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Triad M1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Price: 12,706
Mountain Bike Mountain Bike
Triad M1 Review


Technical Specifications

Triad M1 - Orange Video Review

Triad M1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review

Triad M1 Review

With an Aim to reimagine the way bicycles are engineered and designed, Triad has a range of bicycles that place an emphasis on form, function and design. With the belief that every product made will influence and shape consumers in various ways, the brand has a wide range of bicycles on offer catering to a wide demand. We got to check out the Triad M1, read on for our thoughts.

Category: Fitness/ Trails

Weight: 14.6 kgs

Triad M1: ChooseMyBicycle.com Expert Review An affordable, well-designed and versatile 26” MTB.
Overall Product
Value for Money

Things We Like

  • Lightweight Frame
  • Impressive Travel
  • Value For Money

Things We Don't Like

  • Single Frame Size Option
  • Could use added braking power
Triad M1 Frame

The Triad M1 has been made using a 6061 Alloy hardtail frame. The frame is durable and sturdy, and can endure rugged trails and flat, harsh riding conditions with ease. The ergonomically designed frame offers a perfect blend of comfort and performance. Additionally, the geometry of the frame ensures hassle free usage on climbs. The frame has the provision to mount a water bottle holder, it also has a bracket mounted kickstand attached to the chainstay.

The Triad M1 comes equipped with a Triad branded front suspension fork with a 80mm travel. At the given price point, 50mm travel would be expected - so, a fork with 80mm travel is a welcome bonus! This suspension fork offers enhanced shock absorption and is ideal for usage on urban roads with potholes and on uneven surfaces of mild trails and paths. This bicycle is available in a single frame size of 18”.

Triad M1 Frame A sturdy hardtail MTB
Triad M1 Design

The Triad M1 has been designed keeping in mind the broad appeal of a complementary color scheme. The bicycle comes in a single colour option of Matte Orange with Black graphics. This combination of bright Orange and pitch Black enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the bicycle. With the high quality of the paint work which is evident from the matte finish on the frame, this bicycle is sure to demand attention when outdoors!

Triad M1 Design A sporty looking MTB designed for the outdoors
Triad M1 Gearing

The Triad M1 comes equipped with a 21-Speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain whose shifting is controlled by Shimano Trigger shifters. The derailleurs offered precise and smooth performance and the shifting was quick, with no evident lag or glitch. The Shimano Trigger shifters were responsive and easy to use, requiring the slightest push to shift between gears.

Triad M1 Gearing A 21-Speed MTB with precise shifting
Triad M1 Brakes and Steering

The Triad M1 comes equipped with Mechanical Disc brakes at the front and rear. The brakes offered smooth and comfortable feathered braking. However, I feel the need for added braking power when it comes to sudden or abrupt braking. The brake levers are well positioned and are easy to operate, requiring only two fingers to use.

This bicycle is equipped with an MTB Sport 680mm handlebar. This handlebar offers a comfortable, ‘open-chested’ riding position. Additionally, the width of the handlebar ensures precise control and maneuverability and stability. The handlebar grips are well-cushioned and offer sufficient palm support with good absorption, thus ensuring minimal transfer of vibrations to the rider’s arms. The cushioning is ideal for urban riding conditions, there could be a need for additional cushioning when used on mild trails and uneven surfaces.

Triad M1 Brakes and Steering Mechanical Disc Brakes make up the braking mechanism of this bicycle
Triad M1 Wheels and Saddle

The Triad M1 rolls on a pair of 26” x 2.0” MTB tires from DSI that are attached to Double Walled Alloy rims. These well-treaded tires offer good grip and stability on rugged and uneven surfaces. Climbing and cornering was precise and felt stable and in control. The Quick Release enabled wheels ensure easy and hassle-free removal of the wheels.

This bicycle is equipped with a PU foam cushioned Saddle that has been ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable on-saddle experience. The width of the saddle comfortably accommodates the rider’s sit bones with adequate cushioning to ensure comfort and minimal vibrations transferred. A quick release option on the seat post makes it easy to adjust the saddle height while on the go.

Triad M1 Wheels and Saddle Well-treaded 26” MTB tires that offer good grip

The Triad M1 is a well-designed, affordable MTB and is ideal for beginners. This 26” MTB makes for an ideal urban commuter and recreational bicycle. This bicycle can be used regularly on urban roads, and occasionally on mild, flat trails. This bicycle is priced at Rs. 18, 325 (as on October 28th, 2019).

Prices and Specifications/Components are subject to change by the brand, without due notice.

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