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Top Mountain Bikes In India powered by ChooseMyBicycle.com

Mountain Terrain Bicycle, often abbreviated as MTB, has become an exhilarating global phenomenon, captivating adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. A Mountain Bike, or MTB Bicycle, is the ultimate off-road companion for those who crave thrilling trails, rugged terrains, and breath-taking natural landscapes. These MTB Cycles are designed to tackle the most challenging landscapes, ensuring a heart-pounding journey through forests, mountains, and wilderness. Whether you are an experienced rider looking to conquer technical descents or a novice, eager to explore the great outdoors, MTBs offer the versatility, durability, and control needed to navigate the roughest terrains. Join the MTB revolution and experience the adrenaline-pumping joy of conquering nature's challenges on two wheels.

What Is A
Mountain Bike?

A Mountain Bicycle, often referred to as an MTB or Mountain Bike, is a specialized type of Bicycle designed for off-road cycling adventures. These rugged machines are built to tackle rough terrains, including rocky trails, dirt paths, steep inclines and rough urban roads. MTB Bicycles are equipped with sturdy frames, suspension forks, wide and knobby tires for enhanced grip, and powerful brakes for precise control. They come in various styles, such as Hardtail and Full-Suspension, to accommodate different riding preferences. Whether you are a seasoned Trail Cyclist or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoors, a Mountain Bicycle is the ideal choice for those seeking an adrenaline-pumping, nature-embracing Cycling Experience.

Features Of A Mountain Bike

  • Grippy Tires Grippy Tires
  • Strong Frame Strong Frame
  • Suspension Fork Suspension Fork
  • Wide Handlebar Wide Handlebar

Types of Mountain Bikes Hardtail

Mountain Bike - Hardtail

A Hardtail Mountain Bike is a type of Off-Road Bicycle that features a front suspension fork but lacks rear suspension. It's ideal for various terrains, offering durability and simplicity. A Hardtail MTB is also commonly used for commutes, fitness and leisure riding on urban and rural roads.

Product Features

  • Front Suspension Fork for absorbing shocks and enhancing control
  • Lightweight frame design for efficient pedalling and agility
  • Lower maintenance due to fewer moving parts and absence of a rear suspension
  • Better power transfer for climbing and acceleration
  • Budget-friendly option for entry-level riders or those seeking simplicity and versatility in their cycling experience
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Types of Mountain Bikes Full Suspension

Mountain Bike - Full Suspension

A Full Suspension Mountain Bike (MTB) is a versatile Off-Road Bicycle equipped with both front and rear suspension systems.

Product Features

  • Dual Suspension: Front and rear shock absorbers which provide a smoother ride and better control over rough terrain
  • Improved Traction: Enhanced grip on the trail thanks to the suspension, boosting stability and control
  • Comfortable Ride: Reduced impact on the rider's body, reducing fatigue during long rides
  • Enhanced Descending: Better handling and control when navigating downhill sections
  • Versatility: Suitable for various types of off-road riding, including cross-country, trail, enduro, and downhill disciplines
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Mountain Bikes Gear Hierarchy

  • Shimano Tourney
    Shimano Tourney is the cheapest of all groups. The groupset is most commonly found on entry-level Mountain Bikes. Gear Ratio: 2x7/8-Speed or 3x7/8-Speed
  • Shimano Altus
    Shimano Altus is another entry-level bike groupset that sits slightly higher than Tourney in terms of quality. Gear Ratio: 2x9-Speed or 3x7/8/9-Speed
  • Shimano Acera
    Shimano Acera is the group where we start seeing more aluminum instead of steel. This brings the weight down and increases durability thanks to aluminum’s rust-free features. Gear Ratio: 2x9-Speed or 3x7/8/9-Speed
  • Shimano Alivio
    Shimano Alivio is intended for off-road use, it’s substantially more rust-resistant and offers a lot better shifting performance and feel. Gear Ratio: 2x9-Speed or 3x9-Speed
  • Shimano Deore
    Shimano Deore is the first groupset that offers a clutch-enabled rear derailleur which makes it the cheapest group marketed toward real mountain bikers. Gear Ratio: 1x10/11-Speed or 2x10/11-Speed
  • Shimano SLX
    SLX is basically the most value you can get for your money if you’re a performance-oriented mountain biker. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed or 2x11-Speed
  • Shimano Deore XT
    Deore XT is extremely durable and well-made, incorporating heavy use of rust-free aluminum and high-quality stainless steel materials. Gear Ratio: 1x12-Speed or 2x12-Speed
  • Shimano XTR
    XTR is the best of the best when it comes to Shimano’s mechanical mountain biking groupsets. It is the holy grail of professional mountain bikers who want the best possible shifting performance and feel. Gear Ratio: 1x12-Speed or 2x12-Speed
  • Shimano XTR Di2
    In terms of materials used, durability, and build quality, the Shimano XTR mechanical and electronic groupsets are pretty much the same. However, instead of on cables, XTR Di2 relies on wireless technology. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed
  • SRAM X5
    SRAM X5 is an entry-level group, but it is considered to be trail-ready and is often seen on entry-level bikes. Gear Ratio: 2x9-Speed or 3x9-Speed
  • SRAM X7
    The SRAM X7 is SRAM’s first proper trail group as it comes with a clutch, which is not available with the X5 group. It helps retain chain tension on rough terrain and prevents chain slippage. Gear Ratio: 2x10-Speed or 3x10-Speed
  • SRAM X9
    Building on the features of X7, the SRAM X9 introduces more aluminium and higher-end steel and is found on intermediate MTBs. Gear Ratio: 2x10-Speed or 3x10-Speed
    The SRAM SX MTB groupset is intended for real trail riding. The SX groupset is also jam-packed with numerous technologies and is a great option for riders on a budget. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed
    The NX is SRAM’s most affordable 1×11 groupset. It shares most technologies seen on the SX Eagle group but has a lower gear range. Gear Ratio: 1x11/12-Speed
    GX is SRAM’s do-it-all groupset. It provides the most versatility. SRAM GX incorporates heavier use of lighter alloys, such as aluminum, which is what sets it apart from the cheaper 1x groups. Gear Ratio: 1x11/12-Speed
  • SRAM X1
    SRAM X1 is a fully featured 1x-specific groupset with components featuring aluminium construction and a proven track record for being capable of severe abuse. X1 offers similar shift performance to more expensive groupsets but at a higher weight. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed
  • SRAM X01
    SRAM’s first offering of carbon fibre and a little premium performance, SRAM X01 is a high-end groupset. X01 is typically considered SRAM’s pinnacle for trail, Enduro racing and other aggressive riding styles. Gear Ratio: 1x11/12-Speed
  • SRAM XX1
    Where X01 is SRAM’s finest for the Enduro and trail riders, XX1 takes it a notch above for the cross-country riders and racers counting grams. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed
  • microShift Mezzo
    The Mezzo groupset is Microshift’s lower-tier mountain bike groupset, which the brand says is aimed at mid-level Mountain Bikes. Gear Ratio: 2x8/9-Speed or 3x8/9-Speed
  • microShift Marvo
    The Marvo sits just above the Mezzo in the Microshift line-up, with the rear derailleur featuring full-metal construction for durability on the trails. Gear Ratio: 2x9-Speed or 3x9-Speed
  • microShift XLE
    The XLE is the brand’s mid-range groupset. The XLE rear derailleur is the first in Microshift’s line-up to feature a clutch. This makes it compatible with 1x setups. Gear Ratio: 1x10-Speed or 2x10-Speed or 3x10-Speed
  • microShift XCD
    The XCD is Microshift’s top-of-the-line Shimano-compatible mountain bike groupset, featuring a full-aluminium rear derailleur that can be specced with or without a clutch. Gear Ratio: 1x11-Speed
  • microShift Advent
    The Advent is a mid-tier mountain bike groupset using Microshift’s proprietary cable pull ratio. Gear Ratio: 1x9-Speed or 2x9-Speed
  • microShift AdventX
    The Advent X is a top-tier groupset. Compatible only with a 1x setup, the rear derailleur features full-aluminium construction, as well as a clutch to keep the chain running smoothly. Gear Ratio: 1x10-Speed

Mountain Bikes Why Ride A
Mountain Bike?

  • Adeventure and Exploration: Mountain Biking or MTB Cycling allows you to explore diverse terrains, from lush forests to rugged mountains, and discover new trails and hidden gems
  • Physical Fitness: It's an excellent full-body workout, enhancing cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance
  • Mental Wellbeing: Riding a MTB cycle in natural settings reduces stress, improves your mood, and provides a sense of connection to the outdoors
  • Skill Development: Mastering Mountain Biking techniques improves balance, coordination, and decision-making abilities
  • Social Interaction: Joining group rides or clubs fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals
  • Customization: Tailor your Mountain Cycle or MTB to suit your preferences, from suspension settings to gear ratios
  • Thrill and Adrenaline: Descending steep descents and navigating technical trails on a Mountain Cycle deliver an exhilarating rush
  • Environmental Awareness: Riding an MTB fosters a deeper appreciation for nature and the importance of preserving natural landscapes
  • Accessibility: Mountain Biking is versatile and can be enjoyed by people of various ages and fitness levels
  • Competition and Achievement: Participating in Mountain Bicycle races or setting personal goals provides motivation and a sense of accomplishment

Mountain Bikes Suspension Types

Get to know more about the different types of suspensions on mountain bikes


Mountain Bike (MTB) Suspension Forks are essential components for off-road enthusiasts seeking a smoother and more controlled ride. The Suspension Fork plays a vital role in absorbing impacts from rough terrain, improving traction, and enhancing overall comfort. When selecting an MTB Suspension Fork, it's crucial to consider factors like travel length, adjustability, and the type of riding you will be doing. Longer travel Suspension Forks on Mountain Cycles are ideal for downhill or aggressive trails, while shorter travel options suit cross-country riding. Adjustable compression and rebound settings allow riders to fine-tune their fork's performance. Investing in a quality suspension fork can significantly elevate your Mountain Biking Experience, making every trail more enjoyable.

Suspension Fork With Lockout

MTB Bicycle Suspension Fork with a lock-out feature is a game-changer for riders who want versatility on the trails. Lock-out mechanisms allow you to switch between fully active suspensions to a rigid fork with a simple flick of a lever. This technology is ideal for climbing steep hills or smooth terrains, enhancing efficiency and conserving precious energy. When the going gets tough, just unlock the fork for superior shock absorption. The ability to toggle between locked and unlocked modes ensures an adaptable ride experience, making these forks a must-have for Mountain Bikers seeking maximum control and comfort in all riding conditions.

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