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An E-Bicycle is a bicycle fitted with an Electric Motor, to assist the rider while pedalling. It comes with a host of features such as...

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Avg Speed
The average speed of an E-bicycle, powered by the motor is 25 Kms/hr in accordance to Government Norms.
Avg Range Per Charge
The average range of an E-bicycle using both acceleration and pedal assist will be 50Kms per charge.
Avg Charge Time
The average time taken to charge the battery on E-bicycles from 0 to 100% is 2 - 3 Hours.
₹ 0.07 - ₹ 0.15
Cost Per Km.
The average running cost per KM in an E-bicycle will be ₹0.07 to ₹0.15
Smart Monitor
Onboard Diagnostics
Most E-bicycles come with a smart digital/analog display to show various running diagnostics.
Lithium Ion
Majority of the Batteries E-bicycles are powered using Lithium ion cells.

The unique technology that powers

Pedelec (Pedal electric cycle)

Pedal assist, also called as Pedelec,refers to an e-bicycle where the pedal-assist electric drive system is limited as a mode that provides power only when you are pedalling. Pedal assist bicycles have different levels of assistance, for example: low, medium, or high assist.

Throttle Powered E-Bicycles

The throttle mode is similar to how a motorcycle or scooter operates. When the throttle is engaged the motor provides power and propels the bicycle forward. A throttle powered e-bicycle allows you to pedal or just sit back and enjoy a “free” ride! Most throttles can be fine tuned like a volume dial between low and full power.

Hub Driven Motor (Rear wheel)

Rear hub motors provide propulsion and assistance by spinning the back tire. They push the rider forward, thereby providing the extra power on demand. The rear hub motor is the most common form of an e-bicycle motor placement in the market.

Crank Driven Motor (Mid Drive)

Mid Drive motors send power to the bicycle’s drivetrain instead of a hub. It’s central location creates a more natural riding sensation than hub motors, and keep the additional weight of the motor to the centre. Crank driven motors tend to be more expensive than hub driven motors.

Auto Cut Off Brake Sensors

The auto cut-off brake sensors help keep the rider safe by cutting off suppply from the battery instantly when the brake levers are engaged. This safety feature helps riders in extreme situatons where brakes are applied with maximum force.

Detachable Battery

Most E-bicycles come with easily detachable external batteries. There are some E-bicycles which come with non-detachable, in-built battery packs. The detachable battery ensures that the user can take it to their office/home for charging and safety.

The Future Of E-Mobility

20% of all road transport vehicles globally, to be electrically driven by 2030
-Paris 2015 UN Climate change conference

Why Should You Ride an E-Bicycle?

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