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ChooseMyBicycle.com - 'A company started by cyclists for cyclists'

#Keep Cycling


It all started in 2009 when the company's Co-founders formed a cycling club with 5 members, and rode on the scenic East Coast Road (ECR) between Chennai to Mahabalipuram primarily to stay fit and active. This grew organically to a burgeoning cycling club of over 4,000 members strong.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Serendipity

Cycling as a Way of Life

The Founders then decided to make this a business by promoting cycling across India, with the objective to get people to stay active. The company held over 100 cycling events and got 30,000+ cyclists across all their events.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Cycling as a Way of Life

Going Online to Reach a Wider Audience

The next phase was in 2012 which saw the birth of ChooseMyBicycle.com as an unbiased knowledge and information portal. The one line objective of this website was to simplify the decision making process to help a consumer find the right bicycle for him/her.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Going Online to Reach a Wider Audience

Building an eco-system to cater to a Cyclist's Entire Journey

In 2017 we realized that the bicycle consumer needs our help in Discovery, Validation, Purchase, Ownership and Riding. We pivoted to become a full stack eco-system which is now building capabilities, services and products to cater to the cyclist's every need. CMB pioneered the concept of 'Fully Fitted Ready to Ride' out of the box, with its 99% assembled bicycles shipped to your doorstep.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Building an Eco-System

Giving Back To Society

We have also been fortunate to be part of the 'Two Wheels of Hope' project in helping us give back to society by helping underprivileged girl children be safer and complete their education in rural India, all with the help of the humble bicycle.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Giving Back To Society

The Bianchi Partnership

ChooseMyBicycle.com was chosen and appointed as the exclusive distributor in India for Bianchi (Italy), which is one of the world's oldest and most prestigious bicycle brands.

ChooseMyBicycle.com | Giving Back To Society

Vision And Roadmap

While we are constantly learning and understanding our consumers better, we stand focused on our goal to ensure that the Indian bicycle consumer has the best experience of buying and owning a bicycle, with the objective in helping them in their individual fitness and cycling journeys.

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