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Why buy an E-Bicycle?

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Why buy an E-Bicycle

We have seen a massive increase in the usage of bicycles in India, over the last 5 to 10 years. Be it for fitness, or commuting or even touring. However, over the last couple of years, the Indian market has seen a growth in the demand for electric bicycles. There must be something attributing to the increase in demand for these bicycles, besides the fact that they are new, right? Absolutely! We have put together a compilation of why e-bicycles are a worthy purchase. 


Do you work, study or have to commute a fair distance each day of the week? If you answered yes, the chances are that a major chunk of your money goes on transportation bills, be it cabs or petrol bills. If you do travel by public transportation, awesome! But this means an additional amount of time spent travelling. An e-bicycle is an economical means of commuting. While they aren’t extremely cheap, it is a one-time expenditure for a hassle free means of commuting for years to come. You will notice money saved on transportation, within months of using an e-bicycle. Requiring nothing more than a socket at home to charge, these bicycles are not only economical but efficient as well. 

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Are you one among the many who have become environmentally conscious, and are doing whatever it takes to reduce your carbon footprint? Perfect! E-Bicycles are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while being able to commute over a fair distance without putting a lot of strain on your body. 

Healthy Lifestyle:

It is the beginning of the year, a time when one resolves to get their health in shape ‘at least this year’. Know what we mean? For some, running, going to the gym and even cycling may be a problem due to health issues like asthma, breathlessness, lowered stamina, and hence exertion while exercising can be daunting. This is where electric bicycles come in. With assisted pedalling provided by electric bicycles, one can reap the benefits of exercising without having to exert all the time. Thus making electric bicycles a perfect tool for exercise and commute. 

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Hassle free:

Have you had issues getting your driving license? Fret not, electric bicycles do not require that you go through the process of getting a license to ride them, they do not need a special license to be used. Additionally, you do not need to get license plates or insurance to be able to ride an electric bicycle. This saves one from all the headache associated with procuring the said documents. Thereby, saving you time, allowing you to get on that saddle and take your bicycle for a spin ;) 

Faster and more comfortable commuting:

If you have used a regular bicycle as a means of commuting, you’d know that it involves two things - planning your timing, and ... sweat! The latter is one reason a lot of people do not use cycles for longer distance commutes, especially given that the weather in most parts of the country can get hot. Electric bicycles enable faster commutes, owing to the extra push one gets from the motor, additionally one does not sweat as much because of the said extra pedal power. 

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In conclusion, if you answered ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions above, it would be worthy considering buying an electric bicycle to use as an effective means of transportation and exercise. Additionally, a major plus to these bicycles are that the battery is detachable, if you are wondering about it’s safety while parked in public. 


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