Why Buy a Road Bicycle
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Why Buy a Road Bicycle?

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<p>Why Buy a Road Bicycle?</p>

Gone are the days when a bicycle simply meant two wheels on a frame. In today’s day and age, you have all kinds of bicycles that are suited for different uses. If you have been in the cycling world for a while now, this is fairly normal. However, when you are new to the world of cycles, all these different bicycles – MTBs, Hybrids, Roads etc can seem like quite a bit to take in; it adds to one’s confusion. Not only are there different brands in the market, but there are different categories as well.  

Don’t worry, we have a series of articles on the kind of bicycle, and its ideal scope of usage. This should clear out any confusion, and provide a starting point when it comes to choosing the best bicycle to suit your requirements.  

What is a Road Bicycle?  

A road bicycle is generally a bicycle designed to be used on paved roads, and for fast zippy rides. Road bicycles come in many types with varied uses: 

1. Racing

2. Fast Paced riding 

3. Team Racing 

This is not something to worry about when in the market as a beginner. For now, we will cover the basics of what they are.  A road bicycle features sleek, extremely thin tires, bent -or drop- handlebars, light weight, 2 gearing options, and between 7 and 11 rear gearing options.  

What is a Road Bicycle
What is a Road Bicycle

Why buy a road bicycle?  

Road bicycles are ideal if you are looking for a bicycle to make fast-paced rides on. The geometry of the bicycle is such that it has a fairly aggressive riding position; more bent-over and leaning forward, this position could take a while to get used to. Road bicycles are generally more expensive owing to the components used.  

Road bicycles can be used for touring, racing, triathlons, and normal commute in cities and weekend long rides. 

The Road Bicycle Market is growing to great heights in the Indian Market, with more Indians investing in Road Bicycles. To buy a road bicycle for yourself, click here



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