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Why Buy a Mountain Bicycle?

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Why Buy a Mountain Bicycle

Gone are the days when a bicycle simply meant two wheels on a frame. In today’s day and age, you have all kinds of bicycles that are suited for different uses. If you have been in the cycling world for a while now, this is fairly normal. However, when you are new to the world of cycles, all these different bicycles – MTBs, Hybrids, Roads etc can seem like quite a bit to take in; it adds to one’s confusion. Not only are there different brands in the market, but there are different categories as well.  

Don’t worry, we have a series of articles on the kind of bicycle, and its ideal scope of usage. This should clear out any confusion, and provide a starting point when it comes to choosing the best bicycle to suit your requirements. 

What is a mountain bicycle? 

A mountain bicycle, or an MTB is a bicycle that is – you said it - meant for mountain terrain riding. This bicycle is exclusively designed for off-road riding. MTBs have features which are designed to boost durability and performance in harsh, rough terrains. These features include front or full suspension, large knobby tires, more durable wheels, more powerful brakes, and lower gear ratios for climbing steep grades. 

What is a Mountain Bicycle
Why buy an MTB

Why buy an MTB?  

Built to handle steep climbs and descents, with harsh terrain comprising of rocks, ridges and gaps in the surface, an MTB is the most ideal bicycle for cyclists looking at tackling mountainous rides. They are built to handle heavy-duty trails in the mountains.  

The heavy-duty construction combined with stronger rims and wider tires has also made this style of bicycle popular with urban riders who must navigate through potholes and over curbs.  

While, an MTB can be ridden in city/urban settings it is better off used as a trail/ off-roading bike, as city riding may tend to be more exerted while using an MTB. 

If you want to buy an MTB, click here.


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