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What it is like to date a Cyclist

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What it is like to date a Cyclist

Dating a cyclist has its ups and its downs, and it could take time to find a good balance. If your significant other/crush is an invested cyclist, then you know that it’s not just a weekend hobby, and you’ve probably stopped referring to it as that (even in your head!) You know that each day’s ride means more to them than just burning calories, and this is evident from their mood following their ride, and if you find yourself smiling when you look at them talking about the best part of their ride, you know you’re smitten - or getting there. So, what does it take to date a cyclist? Read on!


Your significant other probably enjoys shopping as much as, or more, than you do. But mostly - if it means going to the bicycle store! A trip to the store would mean loading up on gadgets, accessories, apparel and anything else that’s worth it! And even though they already have a bicycle, or two, they are always on the lookout for a deal on another.

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One great thing with a cyclist partner is that you never run out of gifting ideas for a special occasion, cyclists love new additions to their ever growing collection! There is no such thing as too many jerseys or other goodies to spruce up their bicycle. Or well, nothing like a new bicycle either!


If you love travelling to the mountains with gorgeous views and serene roads, you are in luck, your significant other is like to too. Any committed cyclist tend to see vacation as a perfect opportunity to get in some saddle time while exploring the area. So while you guys enjoy a lovely holiday, a bicycle (or two) is sure to be around.

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Cycling has its own unique language, which is a mixture of Italian, French and other random terminologies that are likely new to you. So get used to hearing a bunch of funny words from various languages used to describe their day on the road. For example, Watts, bidon, gruppo, KOM and chamois are all real things, and will come up in conversation. So a heads up, and it helps to nod and smile in acknowledgement as they go on excitedly about their ride!


Though full-on cycling does come with its own set of quirks and serious commitment, you may just find yourself venturing into the world of lycra and two wheels - and enjoying it. While you may not get as ‘into it’ as your significant other you might find yourself enjoying being on two wheels more than you thought - and pick up a new outdoor hobby! While your significant other may never come right out and say it, chances are that there will be hints to try getting into cycling. If you do end up enjoying riding a bicycle, you and your significant other have something more to bond over!

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With their high enthusiasm when it comes to cycling, cyclists tend to live and breath the sport they love thereby spending a great amount of time, money and energy on it. This could end up making dating a cyclist a unique experience and may mean getting accustomed to all their quirks. However, if the reasons to date a cyclist outweigh the reasons to stay away, these small ideas will prepare you for the journey ahead!


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