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What is the craze for Fat Bikes?

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What is the craze for Fat Bikes

A bicycle that has garnered increased interest over the last few years, especially in the Indian Market, is the Fat Bike! What is a Fat bike, what makes them popular and why the craze? Read on!


We’ve all ordered a king-sized meal at our favourite fast food joint and savoured it! How is this related to Fat Bikes? Well, apply the same ‘oversized’ concept to a bicycle. If you take the frame from a regular bicycle and then spruce it up with heavy duty fork, a pair of strong disc brakes, an oversized riser and stem all topped off with heavy duty extra wide tires - you get a Fat Bike that is strong, big and ready to tackle any given terrain. The oversized goodness of this bicycle seems to make it appealing to many.

What is the craze for Fat Bikes-1
What is the craze for Fat Bikes-2


One major benefit of Fat Bikes is their ability to withstand a range of terrains, including sandy surfaces and snowy/ slippery land. Superior grip provided by a large contact area of the wide, grippy rubber, running at low (10 to 15psi) tire pressure means extra traction that makes it possible to use a bicycle to conquer tricky terrains with snow, sand, rocks, or super deep mud. Most regular bikes, even MTBs would find such terrains challenging. Furthermore, steeper inclines and descents in extreme conditions are also much easier to tackle using a fat bike.


There is nothing that creates a buzz more than something that is unique and stands out. This is exactly where Fat Bikes come in, and have captured interest on a large scale. Fat Bikes weren’t a widely heard of concept in India until recently, and thus the increased interest in the Fat Bike once introduced.

What is the craze for Fat Bikes-3
What is the craze for Fat Bikes-4


Most Fat Bikes are on the heavier side and aren’t intended to go super fast, especially not on roads. However, the introduction of Fat Bikes has really enabled people to slow things down a bit and go out for a stable, slow-paced leisure ride, take in the views and just have fun! The super-wide tires ensure added balance and stability. Fat Bikes are helping people remember how to chill out, slow things down and just have fun.


Much like heavy duty tanks, Fat Bicycles can withstand pretty much anything. Fancy using your bicycle riding on rocky surfaces? On the beach? In the desert? Don’t think twice, the Fat Bike is your bike. Furthermore, many people are turning to Fat Bikes for stunts and rough riding.

What is the craze for Fat Bikes-5

Whether it is functional-related or aesthetic appeal related, the Fat Bike is gaining popularity in the market. That said, despite the massive growth in demand for the Fat Bike, it is unlikely that it will surpass the popularity of MTBs, Road Bikes or Hybrids. Do you own a fat bike? Let us know your widest experience!


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