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What are Cyclocross Bicycles?

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What are Cyclocross Bicycles?

In today’s day and age, the ever expanding bicycle market houses bicycles across several categories, and a bicycle is no more than just ‘a frame on two wheels, with pedals for propulsion.’ As a beginner, coming across these various categories while buying a bicycle can get your head into a daze about what bicycle is right for your need. This article will cover the scope of Cyclocross bicycles, and whether it is the right bicycle for you.

What is a Cyclocross Bicycle?

A Cyclocross bicycle is a bicycle that is designed for the harshness of a Cyclocross race or cross country riding. At first sight, the design of a Cyclocross bicycle is similar to that of a road bicycle that is used for on-road riding and racing. However, the main differences between the two are the geometry of the frame and a wider clearance on Cyclocross bicycles that can accommodate larger tires. Additionally, this extra clearance allows for easier cleaning of mud and other debris accumulated while cross country riding/racing.

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Why buy a cyclocross bicycle?

Cyclocross bicycles are growing in popularity among consumers for their versatility, i.e. they have some of the geometry and aerodynamic benefits of road bicycles, they have wider tires that enable usage on rough roads, some bicycles have braze-on’s (or mounting options) for fenders and racks, and hence, these bicycles are rugged enough for touring and some off-road use.

The frame design of a Cyclocross bicycle is slightly more relaxed than that of a road bicycle, i.e. it is not as upright in the seat tube, thereby allowing more stability in soft ground. Also, the wheelbase can be a bit longer, which provides a more planted feeling when riding over rough terrain, and can help keep the rider's feet from contacting the front wheel during a tight turn.


A Cyclocross bicycle is used on cross country rides where a cyclist encounters a varied terrain profile that could include soft grounds, rugged paths, muddy roads etc. So, if you are in the market for a versatile, all-rounder bicycle that is capable of handling a mixture of surfaces and terrains, then a Cyclocross bicycle is perhaps the best choice for you.


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