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Using Training Software To Reach Goals

Whether you're a newbie cyclist or have thousands of kilometers clocked in, A Cycling software can take your rides to the next level. With apps and software programs, indoor training becomes more challenging and engaging. You can also use software to track your rides outdoors, measuring how far you've traveled and how fast.

Enhance Performance Using Performance Metrics

Apps can provide a cyclist with a full suite of performance metrics by using a phone's GPS to track the route and determine the speed. Some apps can then find other users who have gone on the same route or portions of the same course and compare your speed and stats to theirs. Tracking your performance metrics can help gauge your performance and required training effort to reach a goal. Additionally, some apps also have added performance-enhancing features such as personalized coaching, creating and compiling a list of goals and a guided training program to help achieve them, and/or access to workout videos that can help build up stamina or prepare for races.

Using Training Software To Reach Goals
Using Training Software To Reach Goals

Use A Gear Calculator Program For Increased On-Saddle Performance

Is your bike set up correctly for your riding style or cycling goals? A gear calculator software program can help you compare gear ratios and lets you know how many pedal rotations you'll make and the distance you'll go based on the ratios you select. If you are changing your crankset and cassette, the software can help you pick the right size. Essentially, what a gear Calculator does is let you customize and improve your ride. You put in the size of your gears, both the cassette (the sprocket on the back wheel) and the crankset (the gear that's attached to your pedals). You can also put in things like the width of your tires and crank length. Some software and apps also let you set goals for speed and time, and it will let you know if you've got the right gear set up or not. If you're looking to improve your ride or just want to learn more about the mechanics of cycling, a gear calculator can be a great software program to use.

Track Performance and Predict Future Performance

Cycling software can help track performance and predict future performances. If you’re training in earnest for an event, or you’ve got an entire season of racing planned, then it’s highly likely that you’re using a form of training software. It’s entirely at the user’s discretion how deep they delve into the tools available to them. Athletes can simply manually log the number of hours and minutes spent riding a bike, or they can use the software as a daily log of absolutely every element of their physiology and psychology. Using a heart rate data can help you better understand your body is performing. Those looking to use the software to train their bodies to be ready for a specific event, on a specific date, will likely have further explored the capabilities of their chosen software, using charts that track metrics like fitness, fatigue and form. Ultimately, we can use all these numbers to predict performance on a given day.

Using Training Software To Reach Goals
Using Training Software To Reach Goals

Missed Your Alarm This Morning? Never Mind, Train Hard Indoors!

Indoor training programs are a type of training software that can help a cyclist train for an upcoming event or even those trying to get in regular exercise to keep fit – regardless of the weather outside or the time of day. Additionally, to overcome the “boring” aspect of training indoors and staring at a wall, indoor training software can help make a ride exciting by providing simulated footage of races, turning a workout into a video game/ real life like experience.

Plan Your Training Ahead

Ride planning/tracking programs help you lay out a route in advance and then help you track it as you go. Some types of software are more barebones and will let you track a ride, telling you stats like distance and elevation, but don't include planning. A trail finding app makes it easy to find new routes or trails to ride on. Some apps also include lists of nearby bike shops and other necessities for cyclists. Having a pre-planned route can go a long way in getting in a good training session on the saddle as you will be sure of the route to cover and won’t have to waste energy/ time trying to figure out a route as you go.

Using Training Software To Reach Goals

No two cyclists are the same, one might be an avid road racer while another might enjoy taking to the trails or mountain biking. It might even be that your cycling needs change based on the season. And while training tools and performance metrics can provide amateur cyclists with a huge wealth of information, it’s not the be all and end all – there’s nothing wrong with simply going on feel and listening to your body. No matter what approach you take, keeping a detailed training diary will help you to look back at past events and establish what sort of approach helped you to be in your best (or worst) form – so you can avoid past mistakes and be an even better version of yourself the next time around.


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