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Top Cycling Trends of 2019

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Top Cycling Trends of 2019

With the year coming to an end, how can we not do a few pieces on reminiscent end-of-the-year things? Here are a few cycling trends that really caught on in 2019!


Electric bicycles, or E-Bikes no more a thing of the future, or an ultra luxury bike! 2019 saw a boom in the demand for E-Bicycles and a subsequent boom in the E-Bike market - or was it the other way around? Either Way! This year saw a massive shift of market preference towards E-Bikes, not just for long tours but also as a regular choice for commutes and even for exercise! One can expect this market to grow even more in 2020!

Top Cycling Trends of 2019 1
Top Cycling Trends of 2019 2


If you’re not turbo training with Zwift, you’re missing out, at least if based on its insane popularity in the cycling community. This year, over half a million people have gone riding on Zwift, from about 200 countries recording over a million miles a day! This figure is bound to go up in the coming years, unless the next best thing comes along! What could that possibly be, though?


Smartphones, Smartwatches, Smart Wearables - and now - Smart Helmets! Yes, you read that right. Advancements in technology has made it possible for helmets to monitor your heart rate, track your calories, send out emergency messages automatically and manage your music and messages! So now, listen to that voice in your head without being considered crazy!

Top Cycling Trends of 2019 3
Top Cycling Trends of 2019 4


What was once the Hybrid Bicycle’s claim to fame has been taken over by Gravel Bikes - Gravel Bikes have gained massive popularity with the ‘One Bike For All’ market i.e. as an All-Rounder! Though the concept of a Gravel Bicycle isn’t entirely new, their breakthrough in the market came with the introduction of Hydraulic Disc brakes in this segment.


A massive breakthrough for cycling trends in 2019 was Road Cycling embracing the tubeless revolution! Tubeless tires are lighter and more comfortable than their tubular counterparts, and much more resistant to punctures. So it wasn’t surprising to see top Tire manufacturers introducing Tubeless Road Tires. With so many to choose from, this might be the time to give them a try (but remember - don’t forget your liquid sealant!).

Top Cycling Trends of 2019 5

Did we miss out adding something you thought would be a definite-thing on our list? Any predictions for what the top trends may be in 2020? Write to us and let us know!


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