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Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle

If you are looking to buy a new Bicycle, whether to keep fit or for commuting, there are a number of Cycling Accessories that can make your time on two wheels easier, safer and more comfortable. Below are the top 5 essential Accessories to buy along with your Bicycle.

Safety First! This should be your first purchase along with your cycle. A Helmet can save your life, even in the smallest crashes. Helmets have come a long way in terms of design; they are more comfortable, stylish and versatile. Mountain Bicycle helmets often feature more coverage, and an adjustable visor. Road Bicycle Helmets often have more ventilation and are lightweight, so you will forget you even have it on.

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Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle - Helmet
Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle - Hydration

Carrying a water bottle will help to keep you hydrated for your ride. Don't forget, cycling can be an intense workout, so filling up on water before, during and after your ride is critical to get the most out of your cycling experience. Water bottles can be easily mounted on your Bicycle by purchasing a bottle cage which securely holds your water bottle while you are riding.

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If you leave your Bicycle on the street or at your Apartment parking, you are going to need to lock it up. You have made an investment in your Bicycle, keep it safe with a key or combination lock. Smaller lightweight options are available for those quick rides to the coffee shop, or heavier duty locks for keeping a Bicycle locked up for an extended period of time.

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Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle - lock
Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle - Helmet

See and Be Seen! A quality light set will illuminate the road or trail in front of you. Lights can also be as important to your safety as a helmet. Alerting motorbikes, cars, pedestrians and other cyclists is critical to being safe on the trails and roads. Lights come in battery operated and USB rechargeable options.

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The only thing you regularly need to do to your Cycle is pump up your tires to the recommended pressure. This not only helps with better grip, control and stability, but also reduces the probability of punctures. In an ideal world you would have two pumps, a floor pump to be kept at home for filling air in your tires and a mini pump to carry along on a ride. For an MTB, a mini pump will suffice, since you don’t need to pump up to very high pressures. Schrader valves can be topped up with pumps used for automobiles. Road Bicycles run high tire pressures, which is difficult to get with a mini-pump.

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Top 5 essential accessories to buy along with your new bicycle - Helmet

There can be a few challenges for a new Cyclist which can be avoided by using specific accessories. These are the top 5 most essential bicycle accessories which every cyclist should have to ensure a safe and problem free riding experience. Buying them along with your new Bicycle will make it easier to start your cycling experience with confidence.


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