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Tips to Train in the Winter

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Tips to Train in the Winter

With temperatures dipping lower in many places across the country, the thought of staying warm in bed could outweigh the idea of getting out and bearing the cold. As a result, bicycles tend to sit unused in the winter, especially in places in the country that get really cold. However, this does not have to be the case, read on for tips to train in the winter, while not freezing your …. Y’know, hands off.


If where you live is really cold in the mornings, and you have some time to spare in the mornings, you could get that extra bit of sleep in, and go on a shorter but faster training ride - starting slightly later than you normally would.

Tips to Train in the Winter-1
Tips to Train in the Winter-2


The best way to tackle cold weather and exercising outdoors is to layer up. Wear two layers of clothing - a regular jersey or tee shirt with something warm on top that can be easily removed and carried with you on your bike ride. Layering keeps you from starting out too cold, or getting too warm and uncomfortable mid-ride.


A pair or full-fingered gloves goes a long way in keeping you warm on a cold winter morning. Additionally, arm sleeves meant for cold weather rides can help if you find layering a bit too much. Furthermore, a face mask or a multipurpose scarf can go a long way in protecting your lungs from cold air and a good pair of glasses will keep chilly winds out of your eyes.

Tips to Train in the Winter-3
Tips to Train in the Winter-4


Be it summer or winter, hydration is key! Though you may not sweat as much in the winter as you would in the summer, keeping your body well-hydrated ensures proper fluid balance and temperature regulation. And sipping on water or sports drinks throughout the ride can keep your mouth and throat from getting dry and parched.


Once you are done with your ride, a nice warm shower will help with regulating your body temperature. Additionally, drink plenty of warm fluids throughout the day to allow your body to recover. A nice hot balanced meal comprising of whole foods, carbs, proteins and fats - will go a long way in helping your muscles recover and rebuild.

Tips to Train in the Winter-5

In the end, don’t let the thought of the cold deter you from riding your bicycle. The cold can pose a few threats and disadvantages, but with adequate preparation and attention to the body's nutritional needs, it can be one of the best times to be on a bike. And finally - if you live anywhere near the coastal region of the country, the winter ‘or the pleasanter months that are neither warm nor cold’ can be the best time to be outdoors and on your bicycle! Let us know if you have any tips and tricks to tackle the winters on your saddle!


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