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Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer

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Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer

With temperatures on the rise in the summer, the idea of sweating it out on a bike ride could be taunting to many. And as a result many bicycles tend to sit unused during these warm months. However, this does not have to be the case, read on for tips on beating the summer heat while not giving up on your bicycle.


Wake up earlier in the summer, and try to head out before the sun rises. By doing this you can easily tackle your morning rides before the sun gets too hot to handle. The cool, crisp air on a summer morning is a sure way to get your mood set for the rest of the day. Another plus of riding early in the morning is that the roads will be relatively empty, allowing you to really focus on your ride and getting those kilometers clocked!

Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer-1
Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer-2


Wear bright coloured clothing, preferably something that is thin and quick drying. Jerseys that have sweat wicking material would be perfect for the summer. If getting tanned is a concern, use some sunscreen before you head out, or wear a thin and light arm sleeve to keep your hands covered.


A pair of moisture wicking gloves will help with sweaty palms and keeping sweat off your handlebars. Additionally, keep a small face towel easily accessible - incase you need to wipe away sweat from your face. A pair of sunglasses can help keep the glare at bay, should you have to ride after the sun has come up. A helmet with good ventilation can help keep you cool, as well.

Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer-3
Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer-4


Perhaps the most important aspect of Cycling in the Summer- Hydration. Exercise causes exertion and sweating, which results in the depletion of body fluids - thus it is imperative to keep hydrated while on the saddle. Since one tends to lose more water in the summer, it is important to drink a lot more water on your ride than you would in colder months. You can drink plain water, or water mixed with electrolytes/ salt and lime to keep your energy levels boosted. Coconut water, too, is a great source of electrolytes and is also refreshing on a hot summer day.


A little planning can go a long way. Plan your route ahead of your ride so that you ride on roads with as much tree cover/shade as possible. If you do set out on a long ride, and start early, try to plan the ride in a way that you ride on roads with shade/tree cover after the sun rises. Additionally, try to find a route where you have access to stores should you need to buy water while on your ride.

Once you are done with your ride, a nice cool shower will help with regulating your body temperature. Additionally, drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes throughout the day to allow your body to recover.

Tips to Train for Cycling in the Summer-5

In the end, don’t let the thought of a warm day deter you from riding your bicycle. The heat can pose a few threats and disadvantages, but with adequate preparation and attention to the body's nutritional needs, the summer can be one of the best times to be on a bike. And finally - the morning sun is the best source of Vitamin D. So get out there, and have some summertime fun!


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