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Tips to Conquer a Century Ride

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Tips to Conquer a Century Ride

Are you riding your first ever century ride? Or are you looking at making your next century ride more efficient? This article has tips on how to train, and ride, to sail through your century ride. 


In terms of training, it is best to practice skills like cornering, braking, riding in groups and drafting, and eating and drinking while still on the bicycle. This helps you if you are training for a time-based event where you need to perform your fastest.  Next in training would be working on your endurance to sustain your energy levels for a longer period. 


When it comes to endurance training, if this is your first time riding a 100, start training a few months ahead with a combination of other work outs like jogging, walking and weight training and incorporate your cycling into your routine. Start out by covering a shorter distance and building up to covering larger distances each week of training.  


To maximize your performance, it is essential to make sure that your bicycle is the right size and fit. Faulty sizes, and fit, will lead to unnecessary pains and efforts with reduced performance.  

Tips to Conquer a Century Ride - Training
Tips to Conquer a Century Ride - Nutrition


We will split this into further sections based on each category that you will have to keep in mind. 

  • NUTRITION AND HYDRATION   - On your training rides, practice eating and drinking to figure out what sits well with your stomach. It’s good to know how much fluid your body needs and how many calories you like to consume to feel good while on the ride. Nutrition and hydration are different for every rider, but typically, you’ll want to finish an entire water bottle each hour and be eating a little something to go along with it. Proper nutrition is enough to make or break your day and experience.  It is recommended that you eat just enough to sustain your energy levels – and to eat at intervals to maximize performance. When it comes to hydrating while riding, drink just enough to wet your mouth and throat – and drink at intervals. Too much, too fast will only create discomfort.     

  • YOUR BICYCLE - The day before the ride, make sure to double check your bicycle before you start out for the day. This would be – make sure all the nuts and bolts are fastened, check your tires for spots that could likely get punctured during the ride, make sure your tire pressure is accurate, confirm that the bicycle is shifting and braking smoothly. Secure all gadgets you may have on your bicycle i.e. a cyclocomputer, headlights etc. well, and make sure they work. Additionally, you could take your bicycle to a trusted mechanic a day or two before the ride.

  •  BE COMFORTABLE - Comfort is important when it comes to being able to perform well. Make sure that your wear comfortable, well-padded cycling shorts or tights and a jersey that you have worn before and know is comfortable. You don’t want compromised performance because of uncomfortable clothing.  

Tips to Conquer a Century Ride - Bicycle Check
Tips to Conquer a Century Ride - Ride Company

  • RIDE WITH COMPANY - Everything is always better with company, that goes for cycling as well. If you are on your first century ride, it is a good idea to have company to ride with. This is because you and your riding buds can motivate each other to push on, and finish the ride with ease. Music is not a bad idea too, but we would recommend that you have it on low volumes with one ear free to be cautious.

  • HAVE FUN - But, most importantly, don’t forget to have fun. Riding a century can be daunting initially, but it is an experience that will be worth remembering. So, have fun while riding and the distance will seem like nothing. 


To sum it all up, remember to train well before the ride to build your body up to handle the ride with easy. It is important to get enough rest the day before the ride, avoid training and any strenuous physical activities too. Eat well, the night before and the morning of the ride. And remember to eat sufficient energy-rich foods snacks during your ride. Stay hydrated, add lemon and salt to your water if you are riding on a hot sunny day. And most importantly, have fun when you ride. Don’t be intimidated by the triple digit number, it will whizz by with no difficulty.   


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