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Tips to Boost your Motivation to Ride

  • Improve your Cycling Experience

Whether a beginner or a pro, one inevitably comes across the struggle of being motivated enough to ride. This could be owing to “cozy” weather where getting out of bed is hard, or simply just not wanting to get on the saddle that particular day. This is not uncommon, and this lapse of morale doesn’t necessarily have to slow down your training. There are ways to boost your motivation to ride; even on a day when being on the saddle is the last thing on your mind.


Pre-plan and schedule regular rides with a riding partner. Having a riding partner or a regular riding group can help on days you don’t feel like riding. It is unlikely that you and your riding partner won’t feel like riding on the same day. This way one of you boosts the other’s will to ride on down days. Once committed, it is harder to back out of a ride – rain or shine.



Make sure that you lay out all your riding gear and fine-tune your bicycle and equipment the night before you have a ride planned. Sometimes, the idea of having to do all the prep the morning of the ride can be an obstacle, doing this beforehand eliminates an excuse not to ride.


Sometimes, the best way to ride is just to ride – without having to focus on the numbers indicating how fast you go, how many calories you burn etc. It can beneficial to just focus on your cycling, the experience and the sights around you every once in a while.


Remember to change up the route you cycle as often as you can. Riding the same route everyday can become mundane. Over a period, the route itself starts to become less interesting and cycling it can become a task. Changing your route leads to the novelty of exploring new places and new scenery all together.


When riding starts to feel more like a chore than a hobby, plan a ride that you actually look forward to making. The best way to do this is to plan a ride to an exciting destination. This makes you look forward to reaching your destination and thereby, makes your ride fun.


If you aren’t motivated to bicycle as a part of your exercise routine, don’t fret. Ditch your vehicle that day; use your bicycle to run the errands you have to do that day. Carry a backpack with you if you need to pick up things like groceries.


Sometimes, buying a new accessory for your bicycle can induce the motivation to ride. Once in a while, buy a new accessory for your bicycle – be it new bar grips, a new mirror, or a new chain. You will be excited to ride your bicycle the next day just to test out your new goodies.


Every once in a while, indulge in giving your bicycle a spa day. By this, we mean, give your bicycle to a local shop for service and a basic overall check. Having someone else but you tune-up your bicycle can be an interesting way to motivate you to get on to the saddle the next day. With your cycle looking shiny and good as new, you will definitely want to get on it and feel it glide under you.



If you aren’t motivated to ride your usual route, or any random route, plan an exciting trail to ride the following day. For example, plan a food trail ride where you and your cycling buddies hit all the local food joints and munch while on the saddle.


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