TI Cycles launch their 2017 range of bicycles

TI Cycles launch their 2017 range of bicycles

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TI Cycles announced its launch of bicycles across its 12 brands over a 2 day event here in Chennai. This is TI’s 3rd year in staging such an event to reveal their range of bicycles for the year ahead. Speaking to the media TI Cycles President Mr.Arun Alagappan said that ‘With this launch TI is going with the international practice of launching their range of bicycles well ahead in the season’.

Mr.Alagappan also announced the formation of the Premium Cycle Group (PCG) which will comprise of all premium branded bicycles starting from their Roadeo range starting at Rs.8000 and going up to the international brands which are under the TI belt. Going forward in a phased manner, all BSA Hercules stores across India will be integrated into 1 brand store chain ‘Track and Trail’. From 50 Track and Trail stores currently, this will increase to 100 stores in the next 2 years across the country.

Over the years, TI’s fastest growing bicycle brand has been Hercules and this year it has gone into a complete transformation with a brand new logo. Other than the Premium Cycle Group brands and Hercules, TI also launched their 2017 range for BSA and Ladybird for Kids and Girls respectively.

One of the most expected brands in this launch was the Belgium based Ridley with whom TI formally announced their partnership last year. To cater to Indian markets Ridley have manufactured bicycles exclusively for India. These Ridley’s made for India will have a competitive price tag, making it more affordable with their range starting from Rs.27,550.

TI’s very own brands of Montra and Hercules have some of their bicycles designed in England which have given these bicycles a brand new look and feel. With over 80 new bicycles unveiled for 2017 across 12 brands for various age groups and categories, TI Cycles are roaring to go this New Year. These bicycles are expected to hit the South Indian market in 15 days and will be available across India within a month.