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The Law takes to Two Wheels in Hyderabad

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The Law takes to Two Wheels in Hyderabad

While cycling has become a popular hobby across the country, our law enforcement forces, too, are steering towards bicycles. Recently, in Hyderabad, the Punjagutta police launched an initiative with a single cycle. A similar scheme was launched by the Delhi police too. The logic behind this scheme being that a bicycle can reach every nook and corner of the city. Read on for more.

This scheme came to be noticed when a constable wearing a red helmet was spotted on the road. This was met by curiosity from the public and the media. On following up, it was learned that these constables on bicycles will be expected to patrol a total distance of 7 kilometres a day, between 10 am and 5pm. The idea behind using a bicycle as a mode of patrolling is that constables on bicycles will be able to navigate narrow lanes and street corners that other patrol cars and bikes may not be able to access. In addition to this, the police say that having constables on bicycles will help them make eye contact with the public and could improve the access that the public has to them. Furthermore, having a fleet of constables on cycles could be more effective when there are traffic jams or huge crowd movements.

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To qualify to patrol on a bicycle, the constable would have to know how to ride a bicycle and be physically fit. According to sources, no specific training or instructions have been provided to these constables on bicycles, as yet. In terms of the bicycle, a standard bicycle will be equipped with a first-aid kit, manpack, lathi, siren, LED light and water bottle, purchased for Rs. 4,800, and the monthly maintenance amount will be sanctioned to the station.

It is exciting to see that alternative modes of patrolling are being looked into by the law enforcement forces of India. A rising number of constables on cycles could also motivate the public to take to cycling as a means of transportation, for short hauls. This in turn could have a positive environmental impact.

The Law takes to Two Wheels in Hyderabad-3

This initiative does ensure a heightened sense of comfort when it comes to addressing the increasing concerns about general safety, especially in quieter residential areas. What do you think of this initiative?


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