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The Importance of Cycling Gloves

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The Importance of Cycling Gloves

With the increasing popularity of bicycling in the country, we often see a bicycle being used for various purposes, be it casual morning rides, training rides or even as a form of commute. One thing that is common among these urban cyclists is that they all tend to be wearing gloves, no matter what other apparel they have on. So, the question that arises is - Are cycling gloves really necessary to ride a bicycle? In this write up, we will explain why we think that they are.

Improved Grip

When one spends a significant amount of time on the saddle, they are bound to get warm and sweaty, especially in areas that are prone to humidity and warmth. While on longer rides one tends to sweat and gripping one’s handlebars constantly would mean that their palms sweat too. A good pair of gloves have wicking technology which helps keep one’s hands dry, and hence one can keep a firm, and comfortable grip on the handlebars. The gloves also serve to trap sweat that could otherwise drip onto the shifters of one’s bicycle. Additionally, over time, moisture – and especially perspiration because of its high mineral content – can cause the components to deteriorate.

The Importance of Cycling Gloves-1
The Importance of Cycling Gloves-2


As one begins to spend longer times on the saddle, it becomes evident that cycling can be hard on the hands. Even if the bicycle has comfortable grips. The constant pressure on one’s palms, the pressure on one’s hand and fingers while shifting gears, and the constant grip on the handlebar can cause calluses or blisters to develop. A good pair of cycling gloves can provide a layer of extra cushioning and protection, enhancing the overall comfort while on the saddle. Additionally, accidents are inevitable, and should one encounter an accident while on the saddle, wearing gloves can help protect their hands from impact injuries.

Shock Absorption

The fork of the bicycle functions to absorb shock from the road without transferring too much to the rider’s arms. However, it is inevitable that there is some transfer of shock, especially when riding on rough surfaces. Gloves come equipped with cushioning - in the form of gel inserts, foam padding etc - that is integrated into the palms of the glove. This padding functions to absorb additional shock transferred to the handlebars, and prevents it from being transferred to the rider’s arms.

The Importance of Cycling Gloves-3
The Importance of Cycling Gloves-4


When riding in areas prone to cold weather, gloves can help keep one’s fingers and palms warm in addition to providing cushioning and comfort. Furthermore, full-fingered gloves available in the market, work well to keep one’s hands warm while riding in the winter. Full fingered gloves allow one to grip the handlebars and work the brakes and gear shifters like normal gloves do.

Injury Prevention

Cyclists are prone to suffer from handlebar palsy. It is an injury caused due to prolonged compression of a nerve in one’s wrist. The pain can be severe, and if not careful, one can suffer from nerve damage. Therefore, wearing gloves can help disperse the force being applied to these nerves and reduce the chance of injuries.

The Importance of Cycling Gloves-5

Stated above are the primary benefits of wearing a good pair of gloves while cycling. Additionally, a good pair of cycling gloves can be a nice way to jazz up one’s look while on the saddle. Also, most gloves are made with an absorbent material on the thumb wherein one can wipe off sweat easily, while on the go. The benefits of wearing cycling gloves are many, and a good pair of cycling gloves can go a long way to improving one’s overall experience while on the saddle. To check out the range of available gloves click here.


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