The Faraday Porteur e-bike
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The Faraday Porteur e-bike

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The Faraday Porteur e-bike

Just when we thought e-bikes were big, bulky, hard to handle and ugly, the Faraday Porteur comes along and proves us all wrong.

The Faraday Porteur designed by Faraday Bicycles in San Francisco has suddenly appeared on the radar after beingåÊdubbed ‰ÛÏthe ultimate modern utility bike‰Û by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition.

Unlike most other e-bikes, the Porteur is very nimble and easilyåÊmaneuverable at high speeds as well.åÊThe bicycle weighs in at 40 pounds and gives 10-15 miles of power on a 45 minute recharge.åÊ

For more details on the Faraday Porteur, click here


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