The Denny Bike: When Innovation meets Utility

The Denny Bike: When Innovation meets Utility

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The Denny Bike: When Innovation meets Utility

The Denny 2014 is a brainchild of TEAGUE x Sizemore Bicycles, the winner of Fuji’s 2014 The Bike Development Project. Fuji cycles will be producing this spectacular multi featured bike and it will be available for retail soon.

The Denny’s loaded attributes include:

Security features:
Removable handlebar lock system
Quick stop handlebar lock system

Convenience features:
Automatic gear shifting
Electric power assist (On slopes and inclines)
Integrated storage as part of the frame (to carry items from takeaway coffee to laptops.)
Removable battery for easy charging
Minimal fender design that removes water from the tire

Safety features:
Fully-integrated, turn signals, head and brake lights
Auto-on lights that react to natural light conditions, for the forgetful few
Safety lights that flood light onto the road around the bike to ensure a safe ride.

Apart from the brilliant simple engineering to make all of the above fit, the Neo modern design of the Denny 2014 looks solid, simple and aesthetically pleasing. We at cannot wait to get our hands on one, and test ride to see if all that glitters is actually gold. 

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