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Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview

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Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview

Shimano Tourney is the most basic component available in Shimano’s hierarchy of groupsets. It is also the most widely seen groupset, especially derailleurs on budget bicycles. From Road, to MTB to Hybrids; The Tourney is seen on all these categories of bicycles. For the Indian market, this is perhaps the most popular groupset with 6/7-Speed gearing options. Read on to know more about this Tourney groupset in detail.

Shimano Tourney is most famous for derailleurs, both front and rear. Considered the most entry-level groupset in the Shimano MTB hierarchy, this groupset is also used on hybrid and road bicycles. 6/7-Speed derailleurs are common in Tourney. There have been constant upgrades on this groupset component with performance-focused changes. We will look through in detail about the various Tourney components available and on what bicycles they can be found.

Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview-1
Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview-2

Shimano A070 is the road bicycle Shimano Tourney groupset. These are found in the most basic and entry level road bicycles which are aimed at giving a beginner level cyclist the road bicycle experience at a low budget. These derailleurs usually come in 2x7 or 3x7 Speed combination. The A070 integrated brake lever shifter along with a clickable button type lever on the inside of the brake lever hoods help shift up and down. This road groupset from Shimano also includes cranksets, hubs and bottom brackets.

The Shimano Tourney TZ series groupset are found in entry level Hybrids and MTBs. The TZ series was released first in Tourney and most commonly found as 3x7 Speed combinations. These gears when in use doesn’t feel the smoothest and will need tuning from time to time. But if you are looking for regular commuting and/or occasional flat trail rides then these components are perfectly suited for such bicycles. Shimano’s TX series derailleurs are one step above the TZ in terms of build quality. Minor design adjustments are made in these to improve gear shifting speed. Both the TX and TZ derailleurs can be found working with 2 types of shifters, grip and rapid fire. Grip shifters or Revo shifters as they are popularly known are the first kind of shifters seen on Tourney groupsets, though they are easy to use the maintenance and repairs are complicated. The RapidFire shifters are the most popular in not just Tourney but all other MTB/hybrid gearing components. They come with a thumb and index shifter levers for up and down shifts. The TZ and TX Tourney groupsets also include brake levers, freewheel/cassettes, bottom brackets and cranksets and are all compatible to upgrades up to 1 or 2 components above in the Shimano MTB hierarchy.

Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview-3
Shimano Tourney Groupset Overview-4

Shimano’s SIS or Shimano Index System was one of the earliest gearing groupsets from which It developed into the name Tourney for future entry level components. These gears can still be seen in some basic city bicycles and folding bicycles too. While most SIS gears come with grip/Revo shifters there some bicycles, especially folding bicycles which come with thumb shifters which are very easy to use.


The Shimano Tourney groupsets are entry-level and are most commonly found on budget City, Hybrid and MTB bicycles. With front, rear derailleurs, cranksets, shifters and hubs the Tourney series of groupsets are ideal for bicycles meant for commuting, flat trails and occasional long-distance rides.


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