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Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview

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Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview

Shimano’s SLX is a full fledged performance focused MTB groupset. They are commonly found on high spec'd hardtail and full suspension MTB’s. This groupset has evolved every year constantly to provide race specific performance output on all of their parts and components. Read on to know more in detail about this groupset.

The M7000 is the latest groupset to be released in the SLX series. This pro-level groupset includes derailleurs, shifters, brakes, hubs, bottom brackets and cranks. The M7000 series can be found in 27.5" and 29" hardtail and full suspension MTB’s which are built for hardcore trail rides and racing as well.

Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview-1
Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview-2

SLX’s derailleurs are very popular amongst amateur and elite trail racers. They are known for lightning quick gear transmissions with a wide range of gears. The front derailleur comes in 2 types, conventional design which is vertical in shape and the side swing design which is horizontal. Both these derailleur designs support x2 and x3 speeds.

The rear derailleur in the SLX uses the shadow tech to improve the accuracy of shifting and efficiency. The M7000 rear derailleur is the latest to be launched and has been inspired a lot by superior components in the Shimano MTB hierarchy. The rear derailleur is compatible to both x10 and x11-Speed gears. The shifters for the groupset are Rapidfire plus which supports both 2x11 and 3x10 derailleurs.

Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview-3
Shimano SLX - Complete Groupset Overview-4

The SLX groupset also includes hollowtech cranksets press-fit bottom brackets, cassette sprockets, super narrow chains, hydraulic disc brake calipers and levers, disc brake rotors and hubs. All put together form the M7000 SLX groupset. They are individually available as well for riders to customize or upgrade their MTB’s.


The Shimano SLX components are made for race specific MTB's and increase the ride quality when rolling over the harshest of trails. With inspiration in design from Shimano’s XT and XTR, SLX is built for high-end MTB’s. The wide range of components and parts available as part of the groupset makes the Shimano SLX as a top notch groupset.


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