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Shimano Road Bicycle Gearing Groupsets

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Shimano Road Bicycle Gearing Groupsets

They say power is nothing without control. While I agree with that statement wholeheartedly, sometimes the trouble is effectively utilizing the power. For that, choosing the correct gearing for a specific riding application is important. Shimano is the oldest and most widely used gearing brands currently. It began life in Japan in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano. With every growing improvements in technology, Shimano now accounts for half of the global bike components industry. 

In this article we are going to go into detail about the complete Shimano range of gearing groupsets for bicycles and their hierarchy and type of usage. A group or groupset describes the collection of parts that make up a bicycle's drivetrain. The components of a group include the shifters, crankset, bottom bracket front and rear derailleurs, chain, and cassette. But mainly the derailleurs are what these components consist of as bicycle brands use other branded components to either increase performance or decrease the price. 

Road bicycle groupsets are for all types of road bicycles and also for flat barred road bicycles. The range starts with the budget-priced Claris, which can be found on the most affordable and entry level road bicycles available. They are considered entry level mainly because of the lower priced bicycles which feature this groupset. Claris is an 8-speed gearing system with 7 or 8 gears at the rear combined with either 2 or 3 gears at the front. 

Next is Sora, which can also be found on entry-level road bicycles and is a 9-speed gearing system with 2 gears at the back. 

<p>Shimano Road Bicycle Gearing Groupsets - Shimano Claris</p>
Shimano Road Bicycle Gearing Groupsets - Shimano 105

Shimano Tiagra is the next in line with a 10-speed gearing groupset that shares some of the designs and technology of the higher-priced 105 system with a better crankset. Tiagra is the beginning of performance in the Shimano road gearing groupset. 

Shimano 105 is up next and is the most affordable performance-focused groupset from the Japanese firm, and comes on many mid-market road bicycles. This 11-speed group is considered by many riders to be the best combination of both durability and performance. 

Shimano Ultegra is considered the 1st step on to the professional gearing groupset range. This 11-speed groupset offers all the performance most riders will ever need for acceleration and attain top speeds but it just a little heavier than the Dura-Ace. 

Dura-Ace is the final and highest of Shimano's road gearing range. It offers 11-speed gearing and combines top-end design with lightweight materials such as high-grade alloys, carbon fibre and titanium. Shimano also offers both Ultegra and Dura-Ace groupsets with electronically operated Di2 shifting as an alternative to mechanical cables. 

Shimano Road Bicycle Gearing Groupsets - Shimano Dura Ace

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