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Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview

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Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview

Shimano’s Deore groupset is most popular amongst the MTB hierarchy, most commonly found on race ready mountain bicycles for fast paced trail and cross-country XC rides. Deore components are built for riding and racing on fast paced and harsh trails.

The M6000 is the latest model from the Deore groupset to have been released. The whole groupset as a whole is hard to find on MTB’s, but the drivetrain and brakes are used regularly on 27.5" and 29" MTB’s. The complete groupset includes, derailleurs, cranks, shifters, brakes, cassettes, bottom brackets and hubs. These components from Deore are mostly preferred by riders with MTB’s who ride on harsh and fast paced trails leisurely or occasional racing.

Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview-1
Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview-2

Deore’s derailleurs are the main identity of this groupset. The front derailleurs from Deore come in 3 designs, top swing, down swing and side swing. The swings determine the direction in which the derailleur cage moves when the gears are shifted. These front derailleurs are compatible to 2 and 3-Speed combinations. 2-Speeds are commonly seen on performance MTB’s and this Deore component helps in quick transmission between the small and big chain rings.

The rear derailleurs are considered the most important component on an MTB as it controls majority of the speed. The rear derailleurs on the Deore come with 10-Speed compatibility. The Shadow tech on these derailleurs help in smooth gear transmissions with lighter components and sleek design. The shifters for Deore drivetrain are Rapid Fire plus tech with compatibility for derailleurs with 2x10 and 3x10 combinations.

Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview-3
Shimano Deore- Complete Groupset Overview-4

The Deore M6000 groupset also include 10-Speed cassettes, HG-X narrow chain, press-fit bottom bracket, hollow-tech crankset, disc brake specific hubs, disc plates, hydraulic disc brake levers and rotors. These components are together available as a groupset or individually as well. When purchasing individual parts form this groupset, one must make sure the MTB is compatible to that particular component.


The Shimano Deore components are perfectly suitable for MTB’s meant for fast paced trail rides and racing too. These components, mainly the derailleurs are designed in a sleek manner and the material used has seen constant improvements which in turn has reduced the weight of the components. Shimano Deore is seen as a complete groupset on some MTB’s and also a mix with other components.


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