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Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview

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Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview

Acera is classified as a mid-level groupset in Shimano’s MTB hierarchy. Acera’s derailleurs and brakes are built for core trail riding with lightweight quality components. With regular improvements every year, the performance output also increases gradually in the components.

The M3000 is the latest edition of Acera released. The components in this groupset is built for bicycles meant to be ridden on full fledged trails and can be only found on performance MTB’s. This groupset includes, derailleurs, shifters, cranksets, bottom brackets, brakes and brake levers.

Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview-1
Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview-2

As in all groupsets, derailleurs are the most important components. These derailleurs come in 3x7, 3x8 and 3x9-Speed combinations. The front derailleur in Acera M3000 comes in a top swing model which is sleek and lightweight. The cage is easily adjustable and makes it ideal for tuning in future for cable tensions.

The rear derailleur in this Shimano Acera groupset looks fully revamped with a futuristic design and is lightweight as well. The Shadow design technology makes this a low-profile build. This design makes sure that the derailleur does not hit the chain stay in rough riding conditions. This gives the rider smooth and silent performance. The shifters for this Acera groupset comes in 2 types, first are the EZFire Plus, which are used for gear shifters and Mechanical/V-brake, integrated usage. The Second is the latest version of Rapid Fire Plus integrated shifter/brake levers for Hydraulic Disc Brakes. Both these shifters are compatible for 7,8 and 9-Speed drivetrains.

Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview-3
Shimano Acera - Complete Groupset Overview-4

The Acera M3000 groupsets also include cranksets, press-fit bottom brackets, normal and disc brake specific front and rear hubs, freewheel/cassettes and disc brake calipers. These components have gone through various changes in design over the last few years and has always seen a constant change in tech with lighter components helping in better gearing performance and faster gear transmissions.


The Shimano Acera groupset has been widely used in both hybrid and MTB’s. From the beginning Acera has been the perfect mid-level component for taking up amateur to leisure racing on trail on MTB’s. With compatible components for up to 9-Speed gears, hydraulic disc brakes and lightweight shifter/brake levers, the Acera M3000 is the ideal balance of performance, design and value for money for MTB’s.


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