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Shimano Acera/Alivio Vs Microshift Marvo LT

microSHIFT may not be as well-known as Shimano, the Taiwanese company have been designing and manufacturing shifters, derailleurs, and cassettes since 1999. With a product range spanning City, Road, and Mountain Bikes, microSHIFT’s mid-level equivalent to the Shimano Acera/Alivio– the Marvo LT, is a perfect blend of durability and efficiency. The components of the Marvo LT group set have been thoroughly tested to ensure long lasting reliability under any circumstances.


microSHIFT was founded in 1999 by a small group of seasoned Bicycle industry veterans in Taiwan. Their factories use cutting edge technology to insure precise and consistent production. By using modern, scalable processes; microSHIFT claims to meet high demand while still retaining the reliability which the customers have come to depend on. Components from microSHIFT are used in many major bicycle brands including Specialized, GT, Giant, BTwin, Cannondale etc. In addition, microSHIFT also sponsors UCI Continental racing teams.

microSHIFT’s drivetrain include front derailleurs, rear derailleurs, shifters and cassettes. The microSHIFT’s MTB component hierarchy includes Mezzo, Marvo LT, XLE-10, XLE-11, XCD, Acolyte, Advent and Advent-X. Their Road Bicycle component hierarchy includes R-8, R-9, R-10, Centos-10, Centos-11 and Arsis-11.

Shimano Acera/Alivio Vs Microshift Marvo LT-1
Shimano Acera/Alivio Vs Microshift Marvo LT-2


The microSHIFT Marvo FD-M462/M43 are MTB specific front derailleurs and FD-T392/382 are Trekking/Hybrid specific front derailleurs. Marvo FD-M462/M43 are 2x9-Speed and 3x9-Speed front derailleurs respectively. Marvo FD-T392/382 are 2x9-Speed and 2x8-Speed front derailleurs respectively. The Marvo LT front derailleurs are equivalent to Shimano’s Acera/Alivio front derailleurs in terms of performance. The microSHIFT Marvo LT front derailleurs come with dual pull, band clamp and direct pull type mounting designs which ensures smooth gear shifting between the 2/3 chain rings with sufficient gap in the derailleur cage for seamless and noise-free movement of the chain. The microSHIFT Marvo LT front derailleurs are very sleek in design and weigh only 140- and 154 grams.


The microSHIFT Marvo RD-M46L rear derailleur is predominantly used on MTB specific Bicycle models. This Marvo RD model works with both 8 and 9-Speeds at the rear and can work with 1/2/3-Speed front derailleurs. The gear teeth ratio for this 8/9-Speed rear derailleur would be max sprocket of 36T and minimum sprocket of 11T. The Marvo RD rear derailleurs are equivalent to Shimano’s Acera/Alivio rear derailleurs in terms of performance. The microSHIFT Marvo LT rear derailleur comes with long cage and short cage type designs which ensures fast and precise gear shifting between the 8/9 chain rings. The microSHIFT Marvo LT rear derailleur comes in full black painted steel and weighs only 307-317 grams.

Shimano Acera/Alivio Vs Microshift Marvo LT-3
Shimano Acera/Alivio Vs Microshift Marvo LT-4


The microSHIFT Marvo SL-759 and 859 are thumb push type shifters. 759 shifters are used to control 3x9-Speed derailleurs and 859 is used to control 2/3x9-Speed derailleurs . These shifters can be installed on flat and flat-raiser type handlebars. This microSHIFT Marvo shifters come with optical gear indicators. These shifters are equivalent to Shimano’s Acera and Alivio 2/3 x 8/9-Speed shifters in terms of quality and performance. This Marvo SL-759 and 859 shifters are easy to use with a swift spring action push-pull operation. These extra-light shifters come in full black and weigh only 240-271 grams.


If you are in the market for a mid-level performance drivetrain for Hybrid or MTB’s which are equivalent to Shimano Acera/Alivio, the microSHIFT Marvo LT groupset is the ideal match in terms of performance and build quality. The Marvo LT derailleurs and shifters work efficiently and microSHIFT ensures improved durability and is long-lasting as well.


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