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Roadeo 2018 Range of Bicycles

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Roadeo 2018 Range of Bicycles

T.I Cycles recently launched their 2018 range of Roadeo bicycles. The Roadeo series of bicycles are targeted to teenagers and young adults with a combination of funky graphics and durable components. According to the company each bicycle is designed and packaged with features to match the riders attitude. This year Roadeo have launched a number of bicycles across different sizes to cater to different audiences. Here is a look at a few key bicycles in this years range. 

Roadeo Hank (2018)

The Roadeo Hank series is a range Hardtail bicycles which have a Steel Frame, a Steel Suspension Fork and a 21-Speed Shimano Tourney gearing system. The Roadeo Hank is ideal bicycle for cycling inside the city for commuting or fitness purposes. Disc Brakes at this price point is surely an attractive feature in the Roadeo Hank Series. In the 2018 range, the Hank comes with the following options:

Roadeo Hank (2018)
Roadeo Fugitive (2018)

Roadeo Fugitive (2018)

The Fugitive is a new addition the Roadeo Range this year. The Fugitive is comes with a Steel Frame, a responsive suspension fork, dual disc brakes and a Shimano Tourney drivetrain. The Fugitive has a very trendy design and is sure to make head turn while you are out on the road. In the 2018 range, the Fugitive comes with the following options:

Roadeo Hannibal (2018)

If you are looking for a well priced entry-level full suspension bicycle that can be used on rugged roads, and mild countryside trails, the Hercules Roadeo Hannibal (2018) is a top choice. It’s head-turning colorful graphics has made it a popular choice with teenagers and adults for city commuting and recreational weekend rides. The Hannibal comes with a Steel Full Suspension Frame a Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Dual Disc Brakes. In the 2018 range, the Hannibal comes with the following options:

Roadeo Hannibal (2018)
Roadeo A50 (2018)

Roadeo A50 (2018)

The Roadeo A50 (2018) is a hardtail MTB that is ideal for teenagers and young adults looking to ride on mild trails and/or on rough urban roads for fitness and commuting purposes. The A50 from Roadeo comes with an Alloy Frame, a Suspension Fork, a Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Dual Disc Brakes. In the 2018 range, the A50 comes with the only one option:

Roadeo A75 (2018)

The Roadeo A75 (2018) is a guaranteed head turner on the city streets. Zipping through the neighborhood or going to school, the Roadeo A75 does it all in style. It is a good bicycle for any teenager who also wants to experience a bit of off-road cycling with features like the front suspension and disc brakes. In the 2018 range, the A75 comes with the only one option:

Roadeo A75 (2018)

The 2018 Roadeo Range have seen the introduction of some new models as well as returning models with a new design. The range comprises of 24 bicycles, which cater to teenagers and young adults looking to make a style statement. The complete range is available now on, if you buy the bicycle from us, we will deliver the bicycle fully-fitted and ready to ride right at your doorstep.   

To view the entire range click here


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