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Road Cycling Essentials

  • Improve your Cycling Experience
Road Cycling Essentials

With cycling catching on in the country, and inspirations being drawn from various events - nationally and internationally, the demand for road bicycles or ‘roadies’ is rapidly growing. Is a road bicycle for you? Yes, roadies are for anybody - somebody who is looking for an upgrade from their first bicycle or a city/hybrid bicycle, an aspiring competitor and even the occasional weekend cyclist who wants to ride a fast-paced long-distance ride. If you are new to the world of roadies, there may be several overwhelming questions that can get you confused. Given the variety of options available in the market - different bikes, accessories, apparel etc. We get you, every cyclist has been there at some point in life. The purpose of this article is to assist you with the essentials when it comes to road bicycling. Read on to find out what they are.

Pretty obvious, right? Earlier, buying a road bicycle equated to spending a chunk of money just for the bicycle. Fret not, this has changed over the last few years. The market has expanded in such a way that brands are coming up with a range of road bicycles that have a very affordable price tag, without a compromise on the quality. The Indian market today houses road bicycles from local brands that are at par with international standards, and are available at great price points, as well as roadies from international brands. Additionally, one can buy anything from entry-level roadies to super high-end roadies. While an entry level bicycle might have a slightly lower hierarchy groupset used, the performance is still on-point. Check out our range of road bicycles here. 

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Road Cycling Essentials-2

‘Better safe than sorry.’ We believe in this proverb, and you should too! A helmet could just be the most overlooked accessory when shopping for bicycle supplies. While buying a bicycle, quality is a top priority that one look’s for, this should be the same when it comes to helmets. They protect your head, after all - and that is important for you to be able to ride your bicycle. A good quality helmet goes a long way and will keep you safe while on the road. Check out our range of helmets here. 

‘See and be seen!’ - Lights are yet another essential when it comes to road cycling, especially when you plan to ride out on long distance rides, early morning or towards the evening. A light will not only light up your path and allow you to see what lies ahead, but also allows you to be seen by other people on the road - cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles. It is ideal to get a powerful front light and back light. Check out our range of lights here. 

Stay hydrated, and ride happy. Water is yet another essential when it comes to any kind of physical activity, and cycling can work up quite a sweat. To avoid cutting your ride short because of cramps or discomfort, having water that is easily accessible is of prime importance. You can do this by getting a bottle cage attached to the frame of your bicycle, and an easy-to-use water bottle that fits in the cage. Staying hydrated while on the go has never been easier! Check out our range of water bottles here and bottle cages here.  

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Happy feet make for a happy ride. Ensure that you are wearing well-fitting shoes, while you ride. While flat, regular shoes are a good option when you start out riding, at some point you will want to make the switch to clipless pedals and shoes, and so on. Road bicycling equates to speed, and there is nothing more than being able to harness the push and pull, to enhance your performance. This is where cleats and clipless pedals are effective. Moving ahead­­, the most important piece of clothing that you will own once you buy a road bicycle will be your cycling shorts. If you are upgrading to a road bicycle from a hybrid, you know that saddles are not the most cushioned option for your rear! Road bicycling involves a lot more time spent glued to the saddle in one position, and this is where a well-padded, good quality pair of cycling shorts come handy. Your body will thank you for it, trust us! Shop for pedals and shoes here and cycling shorts here. 


A few other accessories that are essential while you start out would have to include:

See what’s available here.   

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This would be the basic stuff you need to get started and join the world of road bicycling. To highlight, the most important and ‘basic’ essentials in addition to your bicycle would be a helmet, and a light set – in case you feel like this list by itself is a lot to buy at once… So, now that you have all this information at your fingertips, what are you waiting for? It is time to hit the roads and feel that wind against your face!


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