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Race Review: Indian Terrain Deccan Sportive powered by Montra

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Race Review: Indian Terrain Deccan Sportive powered by Montra

The Indian Terrain Champions Sportive powered by Montra has come a long way since the first race of the series. The Deccan Sportive was conducted in Pune on the 24th of September. This event saw the highest number of participants so far, with a whopping 195 registrations, of which 40 took part in the 50km ride and the remaining took part in the 71km race. 

Pune woke up to pleasant weather which graced the riders for the entirety of the event, with heavy fog and low visibility at the 40km mark. The event was flagged off from Baner Road, the race beginning at 6 am and the ride at 6:10am. The starting point, Track and Trail, Baner Road, was abuzz with excitement and collective energy of the riders who were there to ride out, in the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

After flag-off they rode out towards Kamshet and back. The 50 km riders pedalled their way to the 25km mark, on the highway to take a U-turn and ride back, completing a total distance of 50 kms. While the 71km race went onto the 35km mark and completed the 71km loop back at Baner Road. The road to Kamshet was extremely scenic. This coupled with pleasant weather made this an ideal Sunday morning spent on the saddle. The race saw the lead riders going at a steady pace of 40 km/hr, completing the race well under the 2-hour mark. 

Race Review: Indian Terrain Deccan Sportive powered by Montra - Riders
Race Review: Indian Terrain Deccan Sportive powered by Montra - Mens Winners

The standings for the 71-km race are as follows:  


1st place – Rishabh Hattarki (1h:46m:46s) 

1st runner up – Sudarshan Muralidhar Devardekar (1h:46m:47s) 

2nd runner up – Mahesh Iyer (1h:46m:48s)  

This win was a fantastic team effort by the riders who sustained a fantastic speed on the ride, and battled it out in an epic sprint on the last few kilometres.  


1st place – Lakshmi Thangadurai (2h:17m)  

1st runner up – Ayesha Bharucha (2h:18m) 

2nd runner up – Arpita Gupta (2h:33m)  

The women’s race too saw a close finish with the 1st and 2nd rider coming in within a minute of each other. 

Race Review: Indian Terrain Deccan Sportive powered by Montra - Womens Winners

Hearty congratulations to the winners, it’s time to get ready for the Grand Finale in Delhi. And, a huge shout out of appreciation to all the participants and finishers of the 50km ride and 71km race. The Indian Terrain Champions Sportive is almost at the finish line – 5 down, 2 to go. Gurgaon, it’s time to get your helmets and cleats on, the Aravalli Sportive is on its way to you!  


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