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Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride

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Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride

In this day and age a smartphone has become a part and parcel of existence (some of you are probably even reading this on one!). Losing a phone can be stressful and not to mention expensive, and you certainly do not want it stolen! Phone snatching has become a threat in many cities in India, especially for cyclists and runners. So, how can you keep your phone safe when on a ride? Read on to find out!


Brands that manufacture accessories have developed a range of ‘phone mounts’ - that are options to mount your phone on your bicycle. The price of these mounts vary based on several factors. It would be a good idea to invest in a mount that is waterproof - especially if you reside in areas more prone to moisture in the air/ rain. These mounts are secure, and hence ensures safety of your phone.

Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride-1
Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride-2


Most cyclists tend to have a pouch/bag attached to the frame of their bicycle. If you don’t use your phone as much, or don’t require navigation, you can stash your phone away and use it when you are off the saddle. The only downside to this is that you will have to pause your ride to access your phone.


If you are an occasional cyclist and do not want the hassle of buying additional accessories, you could always put your phone in a simple pouch and place the pouch in your pocket/ backpack that you carry. If you are placing it in a pocket, it would be ideal to use a plastic pouch, to prevent moisture and sweat from damaging your phone.

Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride-3
Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride-4


Everyone knows someone who’s damaged their phone while using it while riding. Not only is this dangerous, putting your safety into question, but using your phone while riding increases chances of it falling and the screen cracking or getting completely damaged. (Psst - if you don’t know anybody who fits the description - it is probably you!)


If you don’t want anything fancy, you could always just keep your phone in your pocket. However, ensure that the pocket has a zip (or an elastic-enhanced closure). If you are riding off-road, a zipper is ideal to prevent the phone from flying out of your pocket on rough stretches/ if you happen to fall. Also, keep your phone and your snacks in separate pockets - you don’t want your phone to come tumbling out when you reach for that protein bar while on the go!

Protecting Your Phone when on a Ride-5

Most of us have had a phone-related ‘whoops moment’ when on the saddle that resulted in our “social-lifelines” being rendered useless. If we are lucky, the damage is minimal and the phone can be used. If not, the stress of buying a new phone or fixing the old one. Instead of putting yourself through the ordeal of dealing with a broken/lost phone, use these simple tips and tricks to keep your phone secure for rides to come!


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