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Packing Guide for Triathlons

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Packing Guide for Triathlons

Well, it is almost race week and you are all excited and at the same time anxious about your upcoming race, be it your debut race or a target race. More than the amount of questions for training, the debutants ask about their packing for a triathlon (domestic/international). Since three sports are involved, it is quite easy to ignore the subtleties and regret at the race venue. 

Here I make a checklist of items for you to tick out and enjoy a regret free trip in terms of travel. 

Bicycle related spares, tools and accessories

  1. Cycle pedal spanner (Don't carry this on your race)  
  2. Blade or scissors     
  3. Allen key (There will be mechanics at the race expo/venue)
  4. Puncture patches
  5. Tire removing levers     
  6. Puncture patches     
  7. Tire removing levers     
  8. Spare tubes -  I carry 2   
  9. Pump or CO2 cartridge
  10. Spare tire just in case you have a tire burst, the day before   
  11. Sipper bottles 

Packing Guide for Triathlons-1
Packing Guide for Triathlons-2


  1. Energy gel (Will be provided at the race but recommend to carry what you practiced)   
  2. Energy bar (Will be provided at the race but recommend to carry what you practiced)   
  3. Electrolyte (Carry what you used while training)
  4. Energy drink (That was used for before a workout)   
  5. Race breakfast kit (If you have something specific)   
  6. Special needs (Some nutrition that you use while cycling or running)   

Apparel and other miscellaneous items

  1. Swim cap (Will be provided at the race which is to be mandatorily worn)
  2. Swim goggles (Required for a salty water swim)  
  3. Tri-suit or shorts     
  4. Swim shorts just in case you don't have or want to wear your tri-suit   
  5. Wet suit (If the water temperature is low)
  6. Cycle jersey (Tri-suit is enough but recommended for previous day practice)   
  7. Cycle shorts (Tri-suit is enough but recommended for previous day practice)   
  8. Cycling shoes     
  9. Running shoes     
  10. Running shorts & Jersey (Practice) 
  11. Sun cap     
  12. 2 pairs of socks (One for cycling and one for runing) 
  13. Gloves     
  14. Sun glasses     
  15. Race belt for pinning your BIB and energy gels   
  16. Garmin or sports watch (Don’t forget your heart rate monitor)   
  17. Vaseline or petroleum jelly or  any other anti-chaffing cream   
  18. Nail cutter     
  19. Calf/arm compression sleeves     
  20. Towel to clean your legs before wearing socks   
  21. Toothbrush/paste     
  22. Micropore tape to   stick gels on cycle   
  23. Goggles/sunglass cleaner 

Packing Guide for Triathlons-3

In the above list I have covered what you will need for training and race day. Follow this list and I am sure you will enjoy your trip and race. All the Best!

About Raghul Ironman:

Raghul is the Head Coach at Tri Crash 'n' Burn.

A 4-time Ironman, who has coached more than a 100 athletes in the last 3 years. 


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