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New Performance Bicycles from Firefox

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New Performance Bicycles from Firefox

Early to Mid- year is always an exciting time for cycling enthusiasts, with launches of new bicycles, new tech and merch across brands from all over the world. Firefox, a leading Indian manufacturer of premium bicycles, has launched two new performance bicycles. We are seeing a new range of performance bicycles from Firefox after a while, and these bicycles are something worth keeping an eye out for. So, what is so exciting about the new bicycles from Firefox? Read on to find out!  

First up - The Firefox Soulfly is an MTB that has been designed for the urban rider as well as the adventure seeker, to explore paths untaken. This bicycle has been made with a superior alloy MTB frame, and will be available in two sizes, 16.5” and 18”. The bicycle has a Rockshox front suspension fork with a remote lockout option and 100mm travel. Being launched under a premium, high-end performance bicycle tag, the drivetrain on this is a Shimano Deore 2x10 drivetrain. A 2x10 gearing setup is a fairly modern concept that is catching up in the bicycling world, and one of its major benefits is that with a 2×10 setup one can use all 10 gears with either chain ring; there is no chain crossing. This simplicity is pretty great when on a technical trail. The braking components on this bicycle are high-end Shimano SLX Hydraulic disc brakes that offer consistent and powerful braking. The Velo Performance Saddle on this bicycle is described to offer supreme comfort while on the saddle for longer hauls. And finally, the 27.5” wheel sizing of the bicycle make it a perfectly versatile all-round bicycle that is great for riding, both on and off roads. The ideal target market for this bicycle includes corporate professionals, fitness enthusiasts, aspiring pro athletes, adventurers and explorers. This bicycle has been launched as a high-end MTB and is priced at ₹74,700.

Firefox Soulfly 27.5
Firefox Surfelo

The Firefox Surfelo is a hybrid bicycle that has been designed for the urban rider, looking for a performance-oriented comfortable hybrid bicycle. This bicycle has been made with a smooth welded alloy frame with internal cabling for enhanced performance, and will be available in two frame sizing options, 18” and 19.5”. The bicycle is equipped with a rigid, curved fork. Following a similar gearing combination as the Soulfly, Firefox’s Surfelo has a Shimano Tiagra 2x10 gearing set up. This bicycle will come with Tektro mechanical disc brakes and a comfort oriented Cionlli performance saddle. The 700C wheels on the bicycle will allow for fast paced rides, while offering grip and stability. The Firefox Surfelo is ideal for cyclists looking for a lightweight, comfortable and agile bicycle for fast paced endurance riding. The ideal target market for this bicycle includes corporate professionals, fitness enthusiasts, aspiring pro athletes, adventurers and explorers. This bicycle has been launched as a high-end hybrid and is priced at ₹52,900.


At first glance, the components and design of these new performance-bicycles from Firefox are exciting. What interests us the most is the switch up from a traditional 3x7/8 gearing setup to a 2x10 setup on both the bicycles. Interestingly enough, the 2x9/10 gearing set up is slowly gaining popularity among several brands internationally. We are excited to see how these performance bicycles from Firefox perform when put to test. Which bicycle do you look forward to checking out?  


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