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MTB riding for beginners- Part 1: Equipment

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MTB riding for beginners- Part 1: Equipment

An MTB or Mountain Bike is a bicycle designed and engineered specifically for off-road cycling. If learnt properly, riding an MTB can be one of the most enjoyable activities in the world.åÊ While it might take quite some time to become fully proficient in MTB riding, learning the basics is not very difficult. This guide will focus on the basic equipment required for Mountain bike riding. It‰'s extremely crucial to wear the right safety equipment before hitting the trail. Everyone, including expert riders, are at risk from crashing. Therefore, protect yourself to minimize the risk of serious injury. These are the must-wear gear while riding an MTB.


This might seem like the most obvious piece of advice but wearing a helmet is absolutely necessary while riding an MTB. You are going to be riding on rough, hard terrain. The last thing you want is a head injury. Do not compromise on the quality of the helmet. Make sure you wear a helmet that is light weight, sits comfortably on your head and is well ventilated.


When a rider loses balance and falls off, his first instinct is to break his fall using his hands. This usually ends in nasty cuts and bruises, which could have been avoided in the first place by wearing gloves. Some gloves, with extra padding, also help reduce fatigue during long rides. These are slightly more expensive than normal gloves. 

Knee and Elbow guard

Knee and Elbow guards are recommended but not generally worn during gentle off-roading. However, we urge you to wear both guards when starting out as a beginner as you can avoid unnecessary cuts and bruises. They also reduce the impact on the joints during a fall.

Eye Protection

As you are going to ride on rough terrain, there is a big possibility of dirt getting into your eyes, which can be dangerous as it may cause you to lose concentration. Wearing good riding goggles will protect your eyes from glare, UV rays and dust. Make sure you choose a pair that fits you well and does not impede your field of view.

Mini-Pump and Tool-kit

You never know when you might have to fill air in your bike. We urge you to carry a mini-pump. There pumps cab attached to the cycle‰Ûªs frame. Also, carry an Allen key with you just-in-case you run into unexpected mechanical problems.These are the crucial safety equipment one has to wear while learning how to ride an MTB. Stay tuned for our next article which will be about enhancing your MTB experience.


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