Tips To Keep Your Bicycle Clean

Tips To Keep Your Bicycle Clean

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Tips To Keep Your Bicycle Clean

The hardest thing for most cyclists is to clean their cycle. Be it a road, hybrid or an MTB cycle, It will get dirty over time and the grease has a way of getting on your hands, clothes and elsewhere.

Go Easy On the Lube and Use the Right Lube

To keep the drivetrain clean, try to use the least amount of lube that will adequately lubricate your chain and derailleurs. Also, use a lube appropriate for your riding and conditions. When lubing the chain, let the oil soak in and then wipe off the excess. This helps prevent rust from developing. As soon as you notice grime, spend a few moments wiping the chain clean with a rag. It only takes minutes of your work which can go a long way towards maintaining a clean lubricated chain.

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Cleaning Muddy Bicycles

Another challenge is mud. The best approach is to deal with it immediately upon returning from your ride. Why? Because, if you let the mud dry, it's more difficult to remove it without scratching your frame. The easiest way to keep your bicycle clean is to assemble a simple cleaning kit consisting of a bucket, brushes, sponge and some detergent. Fill the bucket with warm soapy water and gently clean off the mud and dirt. Then rinse the suds off with a hose trickling the water over the bike from the top. Never blast high-pressure water at your cycle because it can wash the lubricant off parts and out of the bearings, which will cause serious problems in the future. Helmets can also be cleaned with soap water periodically to keep it clean and hygienic.

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Proper Bicycle Storage

How you store your cycle can affect how clean it stays, too. It's best to keep it inside, away from the changing effects of the weather. It takes a while, but even if the cycle is under an overhang, if it's stored outside, dampness in the air will rust the steel parts and the sun will affect your tires and fade the paint. If you live near the ocean, it's especially important to keep your cycle indoors because the salt in the air will corrode the parts extremely quickly.

An easy way to store a bicycle indoors is to purchase cycle hooks. These question-mark-shaped hooks screw into a stud in the wall and hold your cycle by a wheel. Or, you can install two hooks, one for each wheel so the cycle can hang horizontally (upside-down). With a few of these hooks, it's possible to hang many bikes in the garage or house.

Keeping your cycle clean is very important and it is a lot easier thank you think. A clean cycle also motivates you to ride more and makes your ride safer. Get your hands dirty and make your cycle sparkling.åÊ Stay tuned to our website for more advanced topics on bicycle maintenance.