Japan's Underground Bicycle Parking System

Japan's Underground Bicycle Parking System

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Japan's Underground Bicycle Parking System

With over 60% of the country‰Ûªs population using bicycles to commute, Japan is currently among the top 10 nations with the largest cycling populations in the world. And while running out of space due to a huge cycling population is a good problem to have, construction company Giken has come up with the perfect solution.

Meet the Eco Cycle

Eco Cycle is a robotic system that stores bicycles underground in an 11 meter deep well. It can hold upto 200 bicycles that are over 1.4m and under 1.9m in length and weigh under 30 Kgs. The entire process of loading and retrieving takes a total of 8 ‰ÛÒ 10 seconds.

Watch this video to how it works and be amazed.

Not only does this solve the problem of space, this could possibly put an end to acts of vandalism and cycle thefts as well. When it comes to technology, you can‰Ûªt really put anything past the Japanese.

And if you haven't checked it out as yet, the Germans came up with this interesting contraption to safely put away your bicycle if there's a light post around.

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