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Is Listening To Music While Riding Good

Most of us listen to music while doing the things that we love. Be it working out, reading, cooking or any other activity, music is a must. “Should you listen to music while riding?”, is a topic that divides the Cycling Community. For some, listening to music while riding is a complete no-no as it restricts one of our key senses, we employ to alert of us any hazards. For others music is a form of motivation while riding alone or during a training session. Here are a few reasons on why music is good while riding.

Music is a good distraction

Studies have shown that working out with music makes people less aware of how much energy they are exerting. Hence, they feel less tired and become more productive.

Music helps you maintain a good pace

The rhythm of music stimulates your brain. Good beats is a must for exercises where pacing is important. The rhythm enables riders to use their energy more efficiently and allows you to maintain a consistent pace through your ride.

Is Listening To Music While Riding Good - 1
Is Listening To Music While Riding Good - 2

Music helps you focus

Music is the perfect companion for when you want to concentrate or “Get in the Zone”. Studies have shown that music can improve physical performance by channelling the emotions of the singer to the listener.

Music makes you want to move

If there’s music in the background, you can never resist the urge of moving your toes. Studies have shown that music with “high-groove” qualities makes the brain more excited and induces movement.

RULES FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC WHILE RIDING If you plan to listen to music while riding out on the road, here are a 5 rules you must adhere to:

  1. Use one Earbud – Do not use the ear bud which faces traffic
  2. Do not use noise-cancelling headphones/Earbuds
  3. Keep the volume below 60 decibels(60% of the max)
  4. Do not use ear phones for more than 60 minutes a day
  5. Do not use while riding in a group

Is Listening To Music While Riding Good - 3

Cycling Purists may claim that the sound of your bicycle and nature is all the music you need while riding. But sometimes music is a good escape and helps you be energised and motivated throughout your ride. If you are riding indoors on your trainer crank up the speakers and power though your training session, but if you are on the road, please follow the rules mentioned in this article and #KeepCycling.


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