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Hybrid Bicycles Vs Mountain Bicycles

In today's Bicycle Market, many options are available for a cyclist to choose from. Hybrid, or Cross Bicycles, are growing in popularity for fun recreation, fitness and general commuting. For those seeking rugged off-road riding, Mountain Bicycles or MTBs are the ideal choice. While the design of the two Bicycles have similarities, each excels in its own way and for its intended purpose.


Hybrid Bicycles are a combination of a Road Bicycle and a Mountain Bicycle. Hybrid Bicycles feature a relaxed frame geometry and a raised handlebar, meaning that you sit upright, usually in a comfortable saddle. They feature high gear ratios for easy shifting and pedalling, and they often have wider tires than road bicycles, but narrower tires than MTBs, making them suitable for light off-road use like gravel roads and smooth dirt trails as well.

Hybrid Bicycles Vs Mountain Bicycles-1
Hybrid Bicycles Vs Mountain Bicycles-2


Mountain Bicycles are designed to be ridden over rugged terrain and technical trails with logs, rocks, roots and other obstacles. They have a sharp frame geometry that puts the rider in a commanding position to pedal and climb efficiently. They have lower gear ratios that allow riders to pedal through steep and difficult terrain. Because of their intended use, Mountain Bikes are sturdy and overbuilt to handle the abuse of the trails. They usually have larger, heavily knobbed tires and strong brakes like Hydraulic Disc brakes. Many MTBs feature a kind of suspension shock over the front tire or both front and rear, allowing the frame to comply with the bumps, jumps and challenges of the trail.


Commuters or Recreational Cyclists may be more comfortable on a Hybrid Bicycle as a Mountain Bicycle is typically heavier and has an aggressive frame geometry that keeps the rider leaning toward the handlebar. Mountain Bicycles are less-efficient commuters on pavements and roads due to their gear ratios and knobby tires, while Hybrids are highly efficient because of the suitable gearing and faster sleeker tires. On rough urban roads and trails, MTB’s are the better choice because of the stronger build and wider tires.

Hybrid Bicycles Vs Mountain Bicycles-3

Both Hybrid and Mountain Bicycles overlap somewhat in their intended use. Mountain Bicycles or MTBs can make terrific commuters, reliable in all weather conditions, over railroad tracks or over potholes and other urban conditions, while Hybrids can be ridden off-road in lighter conditions like dirt paths, stone paths or gravel. Hybrids deliver the most enjoyable and comfortable ride, and because they can be ridden on many surfaces, it makes them one of the best choices for fitness, commutes and leisure rides. Mountain Bicycles are best suited for more aggressive terrain and off-road riding. Still confused between choosing a hybrid or a mountain bicycle? Get in touch with our experts and we will. Help you choose which is the right Bicycle for you.


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