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How to select your electric bicycle

There is no better time than right now to buy an Electric Bicycle. There is a lot of variation in quality and performance of Electric Bicycles in the market today. In order to be able to buy an E-Bicycle that fits your needs there are some basic things that you need to understand. Armed with the information from this article, you will be able to determine which E-Bicycle is the best for you.


Everyone has different needs when selecting an Electric Bicycle. How often you ride your E-Bike will also determine the quality your need and ultimately the price you will need to pay. There are 4 key factors that will affect the brand and type of electric bicycle you need:

  1. Terrain – The terrain you ride on will affect the size of the battery and the motor needed. You need a bigger motor and battery if your terrain is hilly versus flat.
  2. Distance – Affects the size of battery chosen.
  3. Speed you want to travel – Speed is very important for a decision on power, battery, and motor chosen.
  4. Budget and quality – How often will you ride? Just getting started, or using it every day for long commutes?

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How to select your electric bicycle-2


The battery in an E-bicycle is like the gas tank in your car. Learn the terminology of Electric Bicycle batteries and you will be able to compare batteries on different E-Bicycles.

  • The key to battery energy is the size of the battery in Watt Hours.
  • You will hear and see other terms like: Volts (or V), Amp Hours (or Ah), Watt Hours (or Wh). The formula to understand Watt Hours is: Volts x Amp Hours = Watt Hours.
  • So, when buying an E-bicycle look for Watt Hours, not just Amp Hours. The Watt Hours tell the total size and output of the battery.


There are many types and sizes of Electric Bicycle motors. With E-bicycles, motors are rated in watts, rather than horsepower like in a car or motorbike motor.

  • Power in an E-bicycle is measured in Watts (or W).
  • Torque is the ability to turn the pedals and accelerate off a stop, or to pass someone.
  • HUB Motors - Hub motors drive the wheel directly, and are usually mounted on the back wheel.
  • Mid Drive Motors - Go through the gear system and this motor is in the Crank between the pedals. Because the mid drive goes through the gear system it changes the torque so you can accelerate up hills and navigate variable terrain.
  • HUB Motors are restrictive in performance when compared to mid drive motors but are cost efficient. They are better for flat consistent terrain.
  • Mid Drive Motors mainly have the ability to climb big inclines with ease.

How to select your electric bicycle-3
How to select your electric bicycle-4


In a conventional Bicycle or Race Bicycle the factors for fitting are different than on an Electric Bicycle. In a conventional Bicycle people size one up for perfect leg power, light weight, and a forward position for maximum efficiency.

For an E-bicycle this is not as critical because the choice is for comfort instead. What is true for conventional Bicycles is not true for E-Bicycles most of the time, so choices instead are made for:

  • Easy getting off and getting on.
  • A handlebar position for either an upright position or slightly forward.
  • A seat that is lower and just near your hip height for less strain on knees and hips.
  • More reliability and safety.


Have you decided to take the plunge? Does the idea of being able to pedal with very less effort along with a throttle; and to travel more smoothly sound appealing to you? The key is to see what your riding needs really are because one size and model doesn’t fit all. We hope this article gives you better knowledge about the basics of E-Bicycles and makes your selection process easier.


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