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There is nothing more devastating than returning to the spot where you left your bicycle to find only an empty space.åÊTheft is unpredictable, but there are reliable methods of prevention to keep your cycle secure. There still isn‰Ûªt a most sure way to prevent bicycle theft but until then here are some tricks of the trade to theft-proof your bicycle.

When you are at home

You might think that your bicycle is safest when at home but you will be surprised at the number of cycle theft instances from a cyclist‰Ûªs house. Storing your bicycle inside the house is the most secure way and the best way to do that is to nail hooks on the wall and hang the front wheel to it making the cycle stand vertically. If unfortunately there is no room for your cycle inside the house then do not park it outside in the open with just locks. A covered garage will be the best choice if not at least cover it up. There is absolutely no need for you advertise the value of your bicycle to a passerby.


When you are outside

Sometimes, bicycles are stolen because riders carelessly leave their bicycles unlocked. Other times, bicycles are stolen because of poor safety measures taken to secure them. Whether you have a Hybrid, MTB or a Road bicycle always try to scout out your final destination beforehand and make the call whether or not it would be a safe area to lock it in. As there are hardly any bicycle parking racks in India use any stationery object which is permanently fixed to the ground as your locking rack. It could be a metal post, grill or even a bench. Thieves need privacy to steal a bicycle easily. Make that tough by parking your bicycle in a crowded public place.

The Locks

A lock to your bicycle is as important as a helmet to your head. Locks should always be on your pre-ride checklist. When it comes to locks, what you pay is what you get. If you decide to go cheap on a lock for your dream bicycle, it will disappear. Use a quality U-lock and a high-end chain lock. Even if locks might seem costlier, they will last forever. Whether on office/college campus or at the store or at a park, secure both wheels, and lock the frame to a sturdy object. Take off whatever is removable by hand, saddles with quick release are just begging to be stolen. While all types of locks are able to be broken by an experienced thief, U-Locks are by far the most secure if used properly.

Whatever you do, if someone absolutely wants to steal your ride, they will make an attempt. Just make sure that you do your part and take every possible precaution. Now that you are geared up with this new knowledge you can change your locking habits for good and pedal in more miles.



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