How to make Indoor Cycling more Interesting

How to make Indoor Cycling more Interesting

  • Improve your Cycling Experience

It is a given that indoor cycling can get mundane. Especially when you have to do it on a regular basis for whatever reason. However, being boring should not be an excuse not to train. Here are some tips to make your indoor training more interesting.


Yes, music. Listening to music while on a trainer indoor will most certainly take your mind of the monotonousness of the task. Choose music according to the pace you want to set your work out at. For example, if you want to train hard and fast, choose a genre that energizes you – this will give you the boost you need to complete your work out with ease.


An hour long endurance ride on your indoor trainer, sounds boring doesn't it? Well, it probably is. When training indoors, it is suggested to train hard at faster speeds, for a shorter time. Not only will you be on the saddle for a shorter time, but you will also reap more benefits from your training this way.


You spend 5 days a week training indoors, spinning hard for 15 minutes every day. No wonder indoor cycling is getting duller by the day. Mix it up!

To keep indoor cycling as interesting as possible, keep introducing variations to your daily regimen. There are several effective variations to introduce to keep your interest unwavering.

Some suggestions -

  • Introduce speed interval training, where in you pedal fast (sprint) for 10 minutes and then pedal at a decent pace for two minutes, and sprint again – this time for eight minutes and then pace. Do this till you reach a sprint for 2 minutes and paced pedaling for 2 minutes.
  • If you are on an exer-cycle, program it to the setting which has hill climbs and challenge yourself to conquering a hill, while in the comfort of your own house.
  • Use the gears on the bicycle, switch up to a harder gear for 5 minutes of hard riding with lower cadence, then downshift and increase your cadence.


If you are a fan of watching television, watch TV while you train indoors. However, this is not recommended if you are supposed to be training hard – or intense, with interval training. This works best if you plan to spend at least 30 minutes on the cycle, going at a steady endurance pace.

Alternatively, buy a DVD on indoor training and workout with a virtual instructor – you benefit here as your boredom is killed by watching a video and you are training with the right know-how.



Another great way to tackle the boredom from training indoors, is to join a spin class or a gym. This way, you have an added bonus of getting out of your house and making new friends as well. A spin class or gym will encourage you to work harder and you won't be training alone – big plus point, isn't it?


If you are someone who likes to use an exercise bike at the gym and find that you easily get bored watching their TV channels or listening to the same old music all the time, then you might want to find a workout partner who you can cycle along with because it is less tedious if you have someone to talk to. You can also make things more interesting by racing against each other and seeing who can cover a particular distance in the quickest time.



Whether it's winter or monsoon and you really can't go outside to ride your bicycle, don't let the idea of indoor training being tedious stop you from getting on to that trainer stowed away in your attic, and hitting the pedals. Use some of these suggestions to make your indoor training session a little bit more exciting – and dare we say, appealing!