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How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group

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How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group

Sure, being the fastest to finish a group ride has it’s props, but at what cost? Chances are that you will end up not-so-popular with the rest of the group and end up going home alone and unhappy, despite the perceived ‘victory’. So,how do you gain popularity on a group ride? Read on to know more.


Sure, riding in the hot sun and putting in efforts can be a task. But, that’s no reason to scowl. Scrunching your eyes from the glare/ while focussing on the road is one thing, but once you are off the saddle turning that scowl into a smile will not only put you in a better mood, but it will encourage people to talk with you and be friendly towards you. It could also help newcomers feel welcome and comfortable in the group.

How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group-1
How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group-2


Be the person who initiates group rides every now and then, and takes on the responsibility to keep the group updated. To keep things interesting and help you stand out, you could try being innovative with routes/ ride plans and activities to keep things fresh and interesting. (For example, a weekend ride to a popular destination in your city/ a food crawl on your bicycles etc. Something that you know your group will enjoy doing.)


When on a group ride, mishaps are inevitable - punctures, mechanical failures, skipping gears to name a few. While most things are easy to fix and are hardly time taking, fixing a puncture alone is slightly longer and trickier. If someone has a flat/ mechanical glitch and needs an extra set of hands, be that person to reach out. Additionally, having a spare tube, a good mini-pump or handy skills and tricks to help deal with minor mechanical issues can all be useful skills that will get you brownie points when on a group ride.

How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group-3
How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group-4


Knowing the area you are riding in and the route you are taking is an added advantage. This way you can ensure that everyone is heading in the right direction while staying off busy or undesirable roads. Furthermore, using hand signals while riding to signal out potholes, turns etc is a good way to guide those less familiar with the area, and ensure a safe and smooth ride.


Most groups have a post ride ritual of grabbing a bite to eat or a coffee. Offering to buy the group a round of coffee and snacks is a sure way to become popular and well-liked in no time.

How to gain popularity in a Cycling Group-5

While knowing and respecting the ride etiquette is essential, to ensure that you are welcomed and well-liked by the group doing little things such as the above-listed could see you rising through the ranks of popularity and becoming the MVP of the group.


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