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How to Clean and Lubricate your Chain

When it comes to bicycle maintenance, many are afraid of getting their hands dirty simply owing to being unsure of how to go about it. One of the most important aspects of bicycle maintenance would be keeping the chain clean and well lubed. While you don’t have to completely clean your chain every time you need to lube it, ensure it isn’t covered in grime since dirt and sand will wear out components faster. A clean, well-maintained drivetrain can last three times as long as a dirty, neglected one. Read on for how to clean and lubricate your chain.


  • A Bucket of water
  • Degreaser
  • Lube
  • Chain cleaning tool
  • Cloth
  • How to Clean and Lubricate your Chain-1
    How to Clean and Lubricate your Chain-2

    Step 1: To clean your chain, fill the chain cleaner with degreaser to the recommended level (typically around the half-mark).

    Step 2: Attach the tool onto the chain and position it under the chainstay. Turn the crank arms clockwise and allow the degreaser to completely clean the chain.

    Step 3: Remove the chain cleaner and pour out any remaining degreaser. Rinse it out, and then start over again with fresh degreaser. For best results. While repeating the degreasing may take extra time, it results in a cleaner chain - completely srtipped of grime and grit.

    Step 4: Wash off excess degreaser by filling the chain tool to the brim with water and running the chain through it. Repeat twice. Once done, dry the chain completely with a cloth.

    Step 5: Apply lube by holding the bottle to the top of the chain. Gently squeeze the bottle while turning the crank arms backwards. Ensure that only a small amount of lube comes out and onto the moving chain. Continue for two full revolutions of the chain.

    Step 6: Apply the same bead of lubricant to the other side of the chain under the chain stay.

    Step 7: Wait a few hours for the lube to penetrate into the chain and then wipe the chain down with a clean cloth to get rid of the excess. The chain is perfectly done when it has just a slight sheen.

    How to Clean and Lubricate your Chain-3

    There you go, you can now keep your chain cleaned and well-lubed, right at home. Not only will this save you money and time, it also gives you experience with keeping your bicycle in tip-top shape. You can now use the money saved to pick up a cool new accessory for your next ride.


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