Hero MTB Himalaya 2016 Review
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Hero MTB Himalaya 2016 Review

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Imagine ‰ÛÓ breathtaking views, scenic campsites, amazing people with a thrill for adventure, challenging climbs, and exciting trails. This is what the Hero MTB Himalaya is made of.åÊ Started in 2005, this is an annual race that takes place in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh. The original route was from Shimla to Manali, covering a total distance of around 500 kilometers over a span of 8 days. However, come 2010, the route was changed to begin and end at Shimla, passing through the picturesque towns of Kullu, Shimla and Mandi districts.

This year's race saw a total of 67 participants from various parts of the world.åÊ Flagging off from Shimla, the riders covered a total distance of 650 kilometers, gaining a total elevation of 15,000m- over 8 days, to finish this herculean race at Dharamshala on the 3rd of October. åÊ

After an excitement packed, adventurous and eventful 9 days of cycling in the mighty Indian Himalayas, the final results are as follows:

Open Men Solo:

  • 1ståÊposition: Andi Seewald - 27 hrs 23 mins and 59 seconds
  • 2ndåÊposition: Cory Wallace - 27 hrs 55 mins and 15 secondsåÊ
  • 3rdåÊposition: Jason English - 28 hrs 3 mins and 22 seconds


Open Women Solo:

  • 1st position: Catherine Williamson - 33 hrs 7 mins and 14 seconds
  • 2nd position: Ilda Pereira - 34 hrs 40 mins and 58 secondsåÊ
  • 3rd position: Naima Madlen - 40 hrs 14 mins and 28 secondsåÊ(40:14:28)


Team of Two:

  • 1st position: Andreas Hartmann and Manuel Weissenbacher - 31 hrs 4 mins and 9 secondsåÊ
  • 2nd position: Lokesh and Naveen - 40 hrs 46 mins and 51 secondsåÊ
  • 3rd position: Frank Eggert and Monica Eggert - 40 hrs 48 mins and 32 seconds

Open Master Solo:

  • 1st position: Johan Labuschagne - 32 hrs 51 mins and 17 seconds
  • 2nd position: Marcus Werf - 37 hrs 34 mins and 21 secondsåÊ
  • 3rd position: Sunil Barongpa - 38 hrs 58 mins and 50 secondsåÊ

Open Grand Master Solo:

  • 1st position: John Jack Funk - 47 hrs 52 mins and 43 secondsåÊ
  • 2nd position: Willibert Dreesen - 54 hrs 20 mins and 40 secondsåÊ

Indian riders Devendar Thakur (33:36:11), Shiven (33:36:23) and Rakesh Rana (35:44:53) finished top three in the Indian riders who took part in the Open Men solo category.


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