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Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride

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Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride

Hydration is the key when on the saddle, more so now that the Summer is upon us. Our bodies are composed of about 60% of water, so it is no doubt that when we exercise and sweat it out, the loss in water will affect us - mentally and physically. Hence, proper hydration is essential for optimal performance while on the saddle. The most straightforward hydration solution for a day on the saddle is water. However, there are times when you feel like drinking something other than water, especially on a long and tiring ride. We have compiled a list of tasty and healthy hydration solutions to fuel your next ride, read on for more.


Coconut water is a great option to replenish the fluids in your system. It contains water, a few carbohydrates, electrolytes and isn’t highly caloric. It is a great mid-ride hydration solution because one’s body tends to lose electrolytes when sweating it out, and this could lead to dehydration and fatigue. If you aren’t sure about finding a coconut water vendor on your ride, you can buy some the day before your ride and carry it along with you in a water bottle. Tip: Put your bottle in the freezer the night before your ride so your drink stays cool while on your ride.

Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride - Coconut Water
Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride - Lime Juice


Lime juice is a quick and simple hydration solution for your next ride. All you need to do is mix some lime into your water and keep yourself hydrated while on the saddle. Just lime and water, no sugar? If you can, hold off on the sugar and use pink salt instead. The combination of lime juice, pink salt and water is perfect to keep your body hydrated while replacing essential salts and electrolytes lost while sweating. Furthermore, using salts will keep your insulin levels stable and keep the ‘sugar rush and crash’ cycle at bay. Tip: Put your bottle in the freezer the night before your ride so your drink stays cool while on your ride.


If you are planning on covering a long distance, and are concerned about loss of electrolytes and salts that can’t be replenished with coconut water/ lime juice etc, then a hydration tab would be the perfect answer. Hydration tabs have a balanced profile of essential vitamins, salts and electrolytes and go a long way in keeping you energized and hydrated. Furthermore, most hydration tabs come in tubes thus making them super portable and easy to use.

Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride - Hydration Tabs
Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride - Iced Coffee


Nothing like a strong black coffee to keep you on your toes. Simply mix a desired amount of coffee decoction and water, and put it into your bottle. To keep it cool, make it the night before your ride and store it in the freezer. Alternatively, carry a couple of sachets of your favourite instant brew and empty it into a bottle of cold water. Do note: Coffee can have diuretic properties, so while it boosts your energy, it could dehydrate you in the long run. Keep water handy as well.


In India, it is not uncommon to find roadside vendors/ shops along the road selling freshly made fruit juice. There is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass full of naturally sweetened fresh fruit juice. To avoid a sugar crash, ask them to make yours without any added sugar (many places tend to add in heaps of sugar!).

Healthy Drinks to Fuel your Ride -  Fruit Juice

These are 5 of my top picks for hydration solutions while on the saddle. Apart from these, few other options that are on my list would be Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS) like electoral, ORS packs etc., pre-workout mixes, sugar free soda and sugar free energy drinks. That said, plain water also goes a long way on a hot summer day on the saddle!


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