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Hairstyles for your next ride

  • Improve your Cycling Experience

Women cyclists out there, did you know that studies have shown that your hairstyle and riding performance are linked! Surprising news, isn’t it?

According to research, loose hair can cause a drag while cycling and thereby affect your speeds. So when tested, the worst hairstyle for a cyclist was to keep it untied and open. Closely followed by a ponytail. The most effective hairstyle was - you guessed it- plaited hair!

A plait? Sounds a little boring, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. No one ever said it’s wrong to want to look nice while riding your bicycle. So, we have come up with a few hairstyle suggestions to experiment with for your next ride.


It’s time to pull up your socks, tie your hair up (well, plait it up), and get on that saddle in style.


A simple braid is easy to do. All you need to do is part your hair into three equal parts and overlap the outer sections alternatingly. This is a great option to do if you are short on time and need a quick solution to get your hair done.

Learn how to braid your hair:



A side braid is as simple to do as a normal braid. Except here, you gather all your hair to one side of your head and make a braid that sits on one side instead of at your back. Be sure to fasten the other side with a few clips, to prevent your hair from slipping out of the braid.

Learn how to braid your hair to the side:


Divide all the hair on your head into two halves by making a parting down the centre of your head. Take each half and braid them separately. Voila! You have a cute hairstyle that is efficient and less bulky under your helmet too!

A video on how to make a two side braid:


A French braid starts with three small sections of hair near the crown of the head, which are then braided together toward the nape of the neck, gradually adding more hair to each section as it crosses in from the side into the center of the braid structure. The final result incorporates all of the hair into a smoothly woven pattern over the scalp.

A video on how to make a French braid:


If you are riding in wet conditions and don’t want too much of your hair exposed to the rain, all you have to do is braid your hair and roll it up into a bun.

Here’s how to do it:


If the above hairstyles get boring, and you have the time and have developed a skill for braided hairstyles, feel free to get creative and try out other creative ways to braid your hair.

Some creative braided hairstyles that we found cool are:





These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty ways to get creative with your hair and easy tutorials on the internet that you can learn in minutes. Go on out and get creative with your hair!

You will definitely feel the difference in your performance when you ride with your hair braided.


The term traction alopecia means loss of hair due to traction or pulling. It’s not hugely common but tight headgear like helmets that are worn frequently or for long stretches of time and tend to rub or pull repeatedly on the same area of hair can actually cause this. This is something to be aware of and take the below mentioned steps to prevent it from happening.

  • Always make sure to change position/location of your hairstyle and your parting,
  • Avoid tying your hair when you sleep as this can put unnecessary tension on your hair.
  • Always use fabric covered hair bands, never use rubber bands,
  • Wear a cap or bandana under your helmet as this can create a barrier or cushioning for your hair between the helmet thereby avoiding unnecessary friction.
  • Make sure your hair is hydrated as dry brittle hair is more likely to break.
  • Make sure your helmet is tight enough to be safe but don’t over-tighten it.

Finally, remember that you sweat from your scalp too. So, it is important to clean your helmet and keep it clean. The comfort pads in one’s helmet can absorb sweat, dirt and foster bacteria too. Not only is this bad for your hair, it is bad for your health too. Remember to clean the inside of your helmet regularly.

When it comes to hair and the female cyclist, it goes beyond just looking good. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good while on the saddle, hygiene and health should be a point of consideration too. Keeping your hair well done when you go cycling has plenty benefits to your overall experience on two wheels. Keep this in mind the next time your male riding companions make a fuss when you do your hair before you go out on a ride.


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