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Foods that keep you hydrated in summer

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Melons such as muskmelon and watermelon are made up of water predominantly - about 90%. Eating melons as a snack is a good way to maintain your hydration levels. Additionally, melons are a great source of fibre, which will work wonders for your digestion and overall feeling of fullness and content post consumption. It is best to consume melons as a post-ride, recovery, snack as they replenish glycogen stores quickly.

Berries- Blueberries, strawberries, Mulberries… you name it. Berries contain up to 92% of water content, and are tasty and refreshing when eaten. Also said to be rich in anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep-hued colors, berries help reduce post workout joint inflammation. Whether you eat them by the handful or the bowlful, or even mixed up - they are doing your body wonders!


A favourite amongst many, especially when feeling down, soup is a great way to keep your stomach full and your body hydrated. Soup is a source of sodium, which is the most important electrolyte to replenish after a hard workout. It is recommended to consume brothy soups that contain vegetables in order to replenish the electrolytes that your body needs.

Grains such as oats, quinoa, and rice soak up water as they cook thereby providing your body with a little more water as it digests. Additionally, oatmeal is a great source of soluble fibre which is great at absorbing cholesterol. Since grains tend to be on the heavier side, make sure to eat them well-before a ride, or after completing a ride.


Peppers - or capsicum - contain around 92% water, making them one of the most hydrating of all vegetables. Not only are they good for keeping your body hydrated but they also boost your metabolism. Additionally, they are a great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Lettuce too, is one of the most hydrating vegetables with a water content of 90 - 96%. Iceberg lettuce has the highest water content at 96%, though other varieties such as romaine, are more nutritious and nearly as aqueous. Also, for the calorie conscious- lettuce contains close to no calories!


Cucumber contains 90 - 95% water and makes for a great snack - by itself or seasoned. Additionally, the peel of cucumber contains silica which promotes elasticity in joints, skin and fingernails. Cucumber with salt and chilli powder is a great snack, and the spice from the chilli is sure to kick your metabolism up a few notches.

Celery is composed of about 95% water, and has a high fiber content - which makes it a great food to keep your body hydrated. Additionally, celery has 0 calories, and is great for calorie management. However, celery can be an acquired taste to many people owing to its’ sharp flavor.


When you are hooked to riding, you are going to want to put in all your efforts while training  - be it summer, winter or snowy! Yet it is important to remember that in order to maximize from your training you need to give your body adequate fuel and nutrients to recover. Hence staying hydrated is as important as training and eating food. You could even make salads with these foods and eat them on the go! With these foods, it will now be easier to stay hydrated without having to drink too much water and feel sick.


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