The Fontus - The Bicycle bottle that creates H2O from air

The Fontus - The Bicycle bottle that creates H2O from air

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The Fontus - The Bicycle bottle that creates H2O from air

Austrian designer (we'd say magician) Kristof Retezar has invented a two peice contraption that he calls the Fontus system, which fixes on to your bicycle's frame and generates pure drinking water as you cycle. The device comprises of a solar powered cooling element that condenses moisture in the air and collects the water in a detachable water bottle. Any 500ml PET bottle will suffice.

The magic of the Fontus explained -

It works on the principle of condensation. Cooling hot humid air down to form droplets of water. This is done by a small cooler called the Peltier Element. The device has two isolated chambers one on top of the other. The hot side is down and the cool side is on top. When the hot side is cooled the upper side gets colder. When air jets into the opening of the hot chamber, it cools down the hot side thereby cooling the cold side as well. The air that flows into the cool side, it is sent through non linear perforated little walls to increase the time it spends in the cool side, therefore cooling down and condensing. These condensed droplets are collected in the attached bottle

The Fontus can allegedly produce 500ml of water in about an hour's time in regions with high temperature and humidity (Chennai-ites,åÊ this one's for you). Kristof sees two major problems being solved by this product -
1. Long rides for cyclists will be a tad more comfortable without the worry of refilling waterbottles. Never again will you have to pray for a small shop or gas station to refil your sippers.
2. In areas with water scarcity but high humidity, the Fontus can be used to harvest pure drinking water.

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