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Firefox Planet Foxers

Remember that cousin who was an expert at making all that food magically disappear from your plate because it was a ‘plane’ and you were the ‘monster’, that had to eat the plane? I do, and I am sure you do too! It is no secret that children are fascinated - motivated even - by an ‘imaginary world’, especially when it comes to making regular daily activities fun. Firefox knows this too!   

Earlier in May this year, Firefox launched a book called Firefox Planet Foxers. It has been written by Vasudha Sanghal and illustrated by Ujan Dutta. This book has been artistically written to associate Firefox’s range of Junior bicyckes - Planet foxers, with a story that children can relate to and incorporate creatively into their world of imagination. The aim here is to promote healthy imagination and a healthy lifestyle from a young age while promoting cycling and it’s positive impact on the environment. 

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The story revolves around three young children - Zubin, Sophia and Mahir, who befriend each other and whose bond grows stronger just by their sheer love for cycling and exploring places in-and-around their quaint old town, ‘Tilly’. The story begins with the children’s adventures on regular bicycles, and as it progresses they stumble across bicycles made specially for them - the Zunami for Zubin, the Stormyum for Sophia and the Meteorider for Mahir, they realize they aren’t just regular kids nor are those bicycles ‘normal’, they hold the key to transforming them into superheroes with bike-specific superpowers. They are now the Planet Foxers and are ready for anything that comes their way. 

The book then follows their adventures as superheroes with a resolve to save the Earth from threats, and protect humanity from harm, injustice and evil. Written in a creative way, this book spreads awareness towards ‘need of the hour’ social causes such as reducing pollution, promoting greenery and afforestation (to name a few), while stressing on the importance of striking a right balance between schoolwork and being active, healthy and having a good time. 

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A well-expressed, immensely thoughtful and well-written initiative by Firefox, considering the importance of spreading awareness about the increasing necessity to take steps towards saving our environment. The idea to translate this into a captivating story for young minds is genius. This book is available for download on the Firefox website and would definitely be a fun, yet important, read for children. Additionally, this is a great way to get a child excited about riding a bicycle, staying active and being healthy. To download the Firefox Planet Foxers book click here.

To know more about the bicycles that Zubin, Sophia and Mahir ride: